Sunday, June 01, 2008


That is what Filipina President, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA) wants Filipina women to be.

Her vision for the Filipina is that she might become a "supermaid"! What a lofty vision for the Filipina, no? She wants the Filipina to go work abroad, like go to some Middle Eastern country, so that, what? So that they can get maltreated, get physically abused and raped.

It is leaders like this that keeps the country screwed and sliding down to the dogs. Talking about colonial mentality - this one demonstrates that.

I am ashamed to admit it, but you see, she has a PhD in economics from my university and a consistent Dean's List student when she was taking her undergraduate degree from Georgetown University (USA).

Supermaids. Yeah, right, brilliant. Is that the best vision you could have for your countrymen?

Hang on, my memory bank says that there is another meaning of PhD, "Phenomenally Dumb".


steve martin said...

I think she is just being practical. Being a doctor of economics, she realizes that the more women that go to work abroad, the more much needed capital will flow back into her country.
An economics stimulus package, so to speak.

As for her vision; what vision?

There'll probably be a speech like made in America soon. We have a nation of 'super-trash collectors' that our education system is producing. Not to worry though, our future politicians will take care of everyone. What a relief.

- Steve M.

L P Cruz said...

Yes Steve,

The OFW (overseas filipino workers) send US $8-10B/year. It keeps the country afloat.

But boy, I wish she has something more than 'supermaids'.

I have ministered to them when I was in singapore a few years ago.

They cry a lot because they have to leave their babies behind and care for other people's children. They get 3 days off in a month, so they are made to work like dogs.


steve martin said...


I too wish these poor women, and the men that have to leave home also, had a better lot in life.

It really is sad.

Thanks for bringing it to light. I'll remember these folks in my prayers.

- Steve

Augustinian Successor said...

An economics stimulus package?

Like the one Congress approved at the beginning of this year ... timely, targeted and temporary? :-)

L P Cruz said...

Steve M/A.S.

Thanks for these brothers, now I laughed my socks off when I read timely, targeted and ... temporary (LOL).