Thursday, June 19, 2008

Do something before dementia

I caught this sunset from North Fremantle, WA.

My, my, their train and bus system is so superior compared to the one in Melbourne. Inside Perth, the bus rides are free. Then you can travel any where within the reach of the train for a daily ticket of A$8.10 or for the family for the weekend - same amount! Their stations are safer, cleaner and presentable - no grafitis. They have tougher laws and severe punishments for kids that do this stuff. There is more discipline. It is no wonder, the Western Australians once wanted to secede from the rest of the Easterners. Easterner laws are a bunch of wuusies compared to the Westerners. Just read this news of a light sentence of a person who killed a girl in a drag race incident.

WA is filled with rich people. Perth is filled with rich people, almost everyone has a boat. I went to a marina in the south of Perth (Madurah Estuaries) and the missus started reading the names these rich folk named their boats - one of them caught our eyes, he named his "just before dementia".

I am taking the advice early, I better do something now while my mind is not as demented as it is (grandma died of this). Who knows if I'd remember those fun times.


steve martin said...

I'm glad you are having a wonderful trip to WA. It sounds terrific.

I would love the chance to travel to Austrilia one day "just before dementia".

I have heard nothing but...

er...ah...what was I talking about...?

steve martin said...


You can mispell anything, but not a man's country!

J. K. Jones said...

Hey LP,

Heard about the forthcoming Lutheran Study Bible? Here’s some links:


L P Cruz said...

Steve M.

When you get your spellings wrong and become dysfunctional in that area, then dementia has started to kick in (LOL).


L P Cruz said...


Thanks for that, I am looking forward to having a copy.

I commend the BoC to you too, the Tappert edition is my favorite.


The Scylding said...

"Easterner laws are a bunch of wuusies compared to the Westerners" - True for Canada as well!! (lol) - but maybe with the exception of parts of BC.

streve marstin said...

"When you get your spellings wrong and become dysfunctional in that area, then dementia has started to kick in (LOL)."

Tahnks vary mucth, L.P.!

You are a fhunny gye!

- Streve

L P Cruz said...


People are not as complicated too, they still stop to help strangers give them some directions. They can detect tourists/visitors. Is that true as well over there?


L P Cruz said...


One time I got in the car, bolted out of the drive way went several blocks from home, then I had to stop and pull over a kerb.

I stopped because I was wondering why I was driving and were was I supposed to go.

Now a pastor friend of mine (same age as me - early 50s) says he gets that feeling all the time.

If only I could remember who it was.


The Scylding said...

I have never been in the East, except for a brief stop at the airport. But so I am told... Also, the cultural difference is marked - Canada's "liberal" image is large set by Ontario. Out here on the prairies it is another picture - and yes, kids do seem to be better disciplined from what I hear. The exception is the city of Vancouver though....

There is even a Western Independance Party here - although they garner very little votes. I had no idea that there are elements of the same in W-Australia? I do know that Perth has a sizeable South African minority - apparently there are neighbourhoods where SA'cans are in the majority! It is the destination of choice for most SA'cans trying to escape the violence, crime and other things in their own country.

L P Cruz said...

Ahh Scylds,

I am glad you brought up the SA'cans. Yes yes yes, they are all over Perth. In fact Perth people love their football - rugby or Aussie rules and the SA"cans were wearing their flag arm bands.

Also lots of French speaking folk are now settling in Perth. All the kids that served us in the mall shops had a French accent. The missus noticed that too.

In fact, in the Lutheran church I attended- one of their program to reach the unchurch is to have a French Dinner scheduled for July!