Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Kick her in the face

This is what the HS said to this "preacher". This is the ministry of kicking you in the face, and you know what? This is a healing ministry! You just might come out battered and bruised to get your healing here.

Please do not take this personally, specially my USA readers, but USA has been a seat bed of cultic activities. The truth is that USA has been a major producer and exporter of cultic religions in the last 100 years. What is it with you people? The laughing revival has come and gone, you would have learned from it but here it is again...

This is good old Rodney Howard-Browne revival, and you know what, he was not even American! This is the ministry of leg dropping, punching, hitting and kicking -- and he is proud of it because it is from God.

Here they are, they are laughing and giggling "oh you are such a man of God, you are going to kick me in the face, but no worries, I will be healed, glory Hallelujah"! People are being duped and they are laughing about it.

Folks, it ain't funny. I am actually teary eyed as I write this, I am crying. This has kicked me in the gut.


Matthew Delves said...

It is a sad sight indeed to see such a large group of people being dooped.

What always confuses me is whether or not the "pastor" knows he is in fact pulling the wool over the eyes of the congregation or is he himself subject to the same lie that he is perpetuating.

Just me 2 cents on the article.

God bless,
Matthew Delves

L P Cruz said...


What is distressing is that these people have genuine needs, they may be in a dire situation like may be dealing with cancer and I imagine, I for one would be desperate for healing. Hence, would try anything even this guy.


L P Cruz said...

I mean this preys on vulnerable human beings.


steve martin said...

This stuff never ends. Only when Christ returns will He put a stop to it.

Do you think the devil is relaxing enjoying a nice cold lemonaide?

L P Cruz said...

You gotta give it to the devil he deserves some credit, he is quite a tenacious adversay, he never stops trying.


Doorman-Priest said...

So THIS is Christianity? And I've been getting it wrong all these years.

L P Cruz said...


Yes we have been getting it wrong all these years.

We need a refund D.P., we need to get our money back.