Friday, October 21, 2011

The pastor's wife is pastor too?

There is a very curious practice of Pentecostals here. By default the pastor's wife is automatically called "Pastor" too! I know I blogged about this many years ago but at that time it was not that rampant but now this practice is all over the place. How strange that the pastor's wife is called pastor too. Having ministerial training is not required; except she probably speaks in tongues, sees visions and could claim God speaks to her directly etc. If you think of it, there is no known portion of church history where the ancient church followed the same practice, you only find this in Pentecostalism. Now that means it is suspect but you would probably get called a dead religionist for pointing this out.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hitler's reaction to Dawkins not debating Craig

I got to give it to the guy who compiled this, this is really funny and excellently done.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

iThankYou2 Steve

Steve Jobs was born Lutheran. We do not know if he maintained a Christian faith in his death, there have been news that he became a Buddhist. However, we have to be fair and as a person who works in education. science and technology I must pay tribute to his visionary genius. He had my wife and my kids in mind when he was designing his products. My sons and daughters use a Mac and I recommended the Mac to the missus for her work sometime 8 years ago. All of them are hooked on Apple products and the wife could not use anything else since then.

I am a free ware ideologist so I normally use my Linux at home and in my net book but as I am typing today, I am using a MacBook I rebuilt a few months ago, my daughter's Mac. It had a busted screen and hard disk so I decided to repair at least the disk and use as a desktop too.

I encountered Mr. Jobs ideas sometime 25 years ago when I played with Lisa. He was ahead of his time and his products today excel in extreme ease of use and no fuss operation.

When I recommended the Mac to my missus 8 years ago, I was aware of the pun geeks did on the Macintosh - Machine Always Crashes If Not The OS Hangs, and I did get called for help by the missus when the Mac behaved this way. However, Apple really did a good job in moving to Unix. It is a much stable OS and I have fun at times on the command line.

Steve saw something, he created products for the "can not be bothered generation", that was his genius, his insight and that involved courage to do what was right for the customer though it seemed unorthodox not in the mainstream at that time. I believe this is the reason why though his products are a bit on the high end, he still had very loyal customers. He designed the products for them in mind.

Thanks Steve for doing that.