Wednesday, August 31, 2005

There is too much

There is too much "looking inside of me" that is going on in our evangelical and pentecostal circles. I get a bit weary with the praise and worship songs that focus so much on what I do for the Lord or what I do for God, how much I love him etc. The theme seems to be romantic in nature like one song I heard "I burn for you". I felt very uneasy as I listened to that praise song, notice how the focus is on the "I". Besides some of these modern songs are quite unreal, like we all know we did not love Jesus the way we should have this week and here we are standing and singing as if it was the song of our hearts. We know we did not spend time with him in prayer and Bible reading yet we sing songs on Sunday as if everything was alright.

I am so sorry but you will find me looking bored with those songs. It will be conducive if you lead me to sing songs about what God does and is rather what I am and will do for him, that is not the gospel. The gospel is about God's love for sinners.

Besides, God's people might have gone through some difficult times during the week and we expect them to simply turn on and "be happy" and the worship team are mad when the people look tired and spaced out. Hey get real. Stop cooking up a feeling and get them to facts, their feelings will come later, the fact is that God is good and wise so sing songs about that. Thanks

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Welcome To Extra Nos


Welcome to my blog. It contains my musings and thoughts concerning the Christian faith. I got the title from Luther who referred to the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ as "extra nos", it is objective and outside us.

I will be back soon. Please feel welcome to respond. Your reaction to my postings will be appreciated.