Thursday, May 29, 2008

Subterranean river - vote

Hope you could vote for Puerto Princessa (Princess' Port) Subterranean River as one of the 7 wonders of the world.
Have you been to a subterranean river yet?

I have been to one, in New Zealand. It is part of a cave in the north island, south of Auckland. It was a fascinating and thrilling experience. At the roof of the underground river, you would see glow worms hanging off on the roof, they look small specs of greenish lights and so when you look up, they look like stars. These worms become moths without mouths and they live only for a few days (21 if my memory serves me right), they would mate and deposit their larvae onto the cave roof, then these moths die and the cycle rolls over again. The larvae are the glow worms.

This one in Puerto Princessa appears to be bigger and longer. She is 8kms long. Her current rank is 9th, so you can make her be part of the first 7 and perhaps one day you can even visit. I have been to Puerto Princessa, but not in the river, I have visited her satellite reef islands and walked on top of one of them. You can see clear water 30 feet down. Then little tropical fishes with loud colors, come around your toes and nibble at whatever they can - yes between your toes.
You can vote for Puerto Princessa here. Thanks.


Augustinian Successor said...

I can smell the fresh air already! I'd love to fish, swim and go rafting, caving, exploring the place. If I only I had the chance ... ;-)

Augustinian Successor said...

Done! I have voted for the Puerto Princessa as the No. 1!

Augustinian Successor said...

Below is the order of the votes ...

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park
Lake Toba
Jeju Island
Mulu Caves
Lake Malawi
Victoria Falls, Waterfall
Tetiaroa Atoll

L P Cruz said...


Thanks for the votes bro.

Now, when I was in KL last year I know Malaysia is so rich in natural resources. There is one beach in Sabah that is getting to be so famous amongst Aussie folks and is now the preferred spot for vacationing.
One Aussie gentleman I met said he has been living in and out of from that beach, only travelling to Australia for a visit.

Also I went to the south, where the Baba-Nonyangs lived. I so enjoyed the trip.


Doorman-Priest said...

I have been to two, one in France and one in the Czech Republic. Both were fantastic and very atmospheric.

Sadly I have not been to New Zealand.

Augustinian Successor said...

Dear Big Brother Lito,

Yes, there's so many place in to go to in Malaysia! I hear Sabah is a snorkeling and diving paradise too. Sadly, I have not been to Sabah or Sarawak yet. In fact, I have not even been to the East Coast of the Peninsular, except for Pahang. Pahang is full of national parks. The caves there are awesome!