Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Why this blog won't be Issues Etc pick of the month

Because this blog does not have the Issues Etc.  widget displayed. Besides, it is doubtful if my posts cut the grade.

I respect and enjoy Issues Etc., very much. In fact they opened my eyes to Wittenberg. I am truly thankful for their ministry and witness. I was also a supporter until the show was closed early last year. This year, it seems, there is controversy surrounding the name. Apparently the LC-MS is not happy they took the name with them when they were sent away. I even signed the petition for the synod not to continue pursuing this "issue". I continue to listen today.

I have gained so many of you out there as friends and I would be happy to recommend your websites for viewing yet I have no links. Why?

Guilt by association. I might say something in the future that could be embarrassing I do not want that embarrassment to flow on to my friends. That is why I have a disclaimer in my profile:
The views found here are entirely my own and is not necessarily endorsed by my family, my friends nor my church group.
Your friendship is so precious I want to keep you innocent of anything I might say that is out of line with some views. 

In a mysterious round-about way, it is my way of showing love by protecting your reputation. Remember, this is the Internet. Who knows the many weird and wacky people out there that can use the information.

Besides, it would be nice to be picked for the merit of my post independent of my associations or endorsements, correct?



Anonymous said...


You keep doing what you are doing!

It's first rate!

Besides..I wouldn't want to be a member of nay club that would have me!

Anonymous said...

'any club'

sheeesh...I always ruin the punch line.

LPC said...


Thanks for the encouragement bro. Your blog is busy and contains many fiery dialogs. Keep up the good work too.