Wednesday, March 11, 2009

On its way down.

Evangelicalism, it is on its way down.

I read from Wittenberg Trail that Michael Spencer that he wrote an article for The Christian Science Monitor here. This is an article about the coming collapse of Evangelicalism. Do you have any thoughts on this?

I offer an observation. I think Evangelicalism is on its way down because it has tied itself with the cult of being relevant with culture, mainly pop-culture, which is exported from the U.S.A. Culture does not offer anything that truly injures, some of them are just older than us and we think they would stay for eternity. That is not true. Ask a Classicist.

This is very unfortunate, because when a Christian movement is riding on the shoulder of a country or civilization, it shares the fate of that civilization.

I was in Charismania for 25 years, last time I looked at statistics, outside U.S.A., my country of birth (Philippines - i.e. Filipinas) ranked 3rd in Evangelical saturation with Guatemala being 1st. That was many years ago.

Only in the last 5 years did I realize that the version of Protestantism I was taught was an American version, a version I am quite sure the Reformers would not recognize nor understand. Yet I have observed the instability as far back as 15 years ago. When I was in Charismania, there was always something new and spectacular happening every 2 years.

Ausgburgeans trying to bring Gospel revival to Latin Asian/American countries would need to contend not only with Roman concepts of theology but the Pentecostal concepts as well. Fortunately the two pan out to be the same, they just don't realize the correspondence of beliefs, but they are mappable from one to the other.


Steve Martin said...

Absolutely correct.

American Evangelicalism and Roman Catholocism share the same theology.

'A little of God and a little bit of me.'

It almost always turns out to be a lot of me...and a little bit of God.

L P said...


Mind you the post is not a put down on my dearly loved American friends.

The missionaries I got involved with were sincere good hearted people but theologically defective.

I like the way you put it SM, most of the time it becomes about more of me and less of God.


Past Elder said...

All works righteousness, just different re which works.

Liz said...

I, too, used to be involved in Evangelicalism. I agree that it is going down. My Revivalist friends from college are going one of two ways, to the Roman church or to the next big fad (currently marriage improvement). Unfortunately, I think what we'll be left with is the Joel Osteen happy thought Christless Christianity.

When I talk theology with these friends, particularly End Times issues, I usually act shocked that they think the Pope is the "False Prophet." I suggest an alternative "False Prophet" could be an American Mega Church Pastor. Then I buy them a Book of Concord.

L P said...


Kinda convenient to point to someone else's backyard where the anti-Christ is but they are in league with him.

Should we just let evangelicalism die? I feel like we should just bury it.

I read about trying to save it but the solution still misses Word/Sacrament, Law/Gospel.


Augustinian Successor said...

"My Revivalist friends from college are going one of two ways, to the Roman church ..." (snip)

That's the route that John H Armstrong is taking ... Yeah, he's a revivalist. Big time ...

L P said...


This is a good point! When one flirts with Rome, it won't be long till you get sucked in.