Friday, March 13, 2009

Crazy Love Sermons

Have you ever heard a sermon it was so funny, but instead of laughing, you felt like you should cry?

I have been listening to Pirate Christian Radio. Chris R. featured a sermon - Crazy Love. If there ever was a sermon that made me laugh at the triteness and shallowness of what passes up as a Christian sermon, this takes the bacon. I kept on cracking up, but I was laughing out of amazement of how far this sermon was from the message of Scripture, then I thought to myself; man, this ain't funny, this is the kind of junk food Christians are feeding on Sundays. I felt sorry for those who got taken in by this sermon.

Then I had a look at Google on 'crazy love sermons'. Did you know that there are quite a lot of churches having that as a sermon title? What does this imply? It shows how queer Evangelicalism has become.

So in line with my corniness, here is a song about Crazy Love. Mind you this has more substance than the Crazy Love sermons out there.


Anonymous said...

You think that is crazy...check this out:

LPC said...


They took it off bro. I am sorry the missed all the laughs LOL.


J. K. Jones said...

The sermon titles may be a result of the book I just posted on.

LPC said...


Crazy love sermons I have heard are not about Jesus, they are about earthly love for the missus etc.

There is a danger as you said about using love language for Christ.


Pr3@ch3R said...

How about from this perspective: Crazy Love in the manner that God didn't not need a relationship with us but chooses to have one. And chose to restore the lost one through Christ Sacarafice. It's a crazy kind of love that lays down ones life for others. Christ did that for you. Its crazy because God desires a relationship with you and I although He doesn't need it. He already has a perfect relationship Father Son & Holy Spirit. But throughout history He chose to have a relationship with us. God is Love says John. To try and define the depth of His love I think is completely impossible but to express it is not. Its that Crazy Kind of Love you and I need, and need to give the kind that enables you to love your enemies, to love the unlovley. Anyway I guess its the context. Maybe it wasn't delivered in a manner that you would have done but be careful how you slander those appointed by God or as David said the Lords Annointed. Even Saul was being removed by God but David wouldn't touch him. No disrespect but be careful to not judge others but test the heart and the message against scripture. Then rightly divide it.. Blessings... Pr3@ch3r

Pr3@ch3R said...

I did not see the link. For the broadcast. Missed the context...

LPC said...


I appreciate your point. However I am still uncomfortable to describe God's love for us in our human language as 'crazy'. It is because that word as the connotation of being a fool.

God's love according to John 3:16 properly taken says "For God loved the world this way: he gave his only Son so that whoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life".

Yes unfortunately the link has been taken down so I can not very anymore my point either.

God bless,