Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A mathematician speaks about Darwinism

Here is what Dr. David Berlinski, a mathematician, who is not even a Christian, says about Darwinism.

Knowing what the scientific method entails, it is really hard to believe evolutionary theory is a science. It is science only by dictum but not in practice. Here Berlinski argues against from an engineering standpoint.

Evolution plays so much on this thing called "randomness", meaning - accidental. Perhaps this is the best time now for me to assert that randomness in science does not really exists but it is a mathematical construct, a bit bucket to direct our none-knowlege of information we do not yet possess. Philosophically and mathematically there is no such thing as randomness.

Let me explain, take the process of tossing a coin in the air, probability says that it will land 50% heads or 50% tails. Now that is true if we do not have more information than the possibilities of outcome. However, if I know that the landing of heads or tails is influenced by other factors, like wind direction, weight of the coin, material composition, if I know the starting angle my thumb lifts it and the height it goes and the material it lands (it could bounce), I will be able to predict what comes up and not rely on 50-50 chance. The reason why we go by probabilities is only because we do not know these factors, but if we do, we will not calculate what face will land based on it, we will use these information to build a formula and that is what we will use.

Evolution says that information is random but randomness when you go down to the core is none-existent.

As a person trained in mathematics, I have to have more faith to believe that evolution theory is science.


bobxxxx said...

Here is what Dr. David Berlinski, a mathematician, who is not even a Christian, says about Darwinism.

It's not called darwinism. It's called evolution. Can you say that? Evolution. Repeat the word a few times to help you remember it. Evolution, evolution, evolution. Not darwinism.

Berlinski is not a biologist so he's not qualified to talk about evolutionary biology.

Berlinski is a professional liar and an idiot. Ask any biologist who has heard of him. He's a laughing stock. He spreads lies about evolution to please his gullible scientifically illiterate brain-dead Christian customers.

Berlinski works for the Discovery Institute which is a Christian creationist organization. The lying retards of the Discovery Institute have never discovered anything. Their business has one purpose - to dumb down or completely suppress the teaching of evolutionary biology. Their income comes from cowardly Christians who are terrified of modern biology.

L P Cruz said...

Try not to be too much of an ass if you can help it.

You have no arguments just ad hominem attacks. The guy had post doc molecular biology position.

Yours is the type of argument that does not win points with the likes of me.

When you can put your evolutionary theory into a formula, we can start looking at it seriously, I would even give you credit, just try giving even a statistical one.


steve martin said...


Attacking the person does not bolster your position. In fact it makes it look like you do not have any real arguments to fall back on.
It makes you look foolish and childish.

And just where did all those fossils of intermediary evolution go, anyway?

J. K. Jones said...

Great post, and great handling of ad hominem abusive attacks from Bobxxxx.

I like your post. There truly are no random acts. Randomness is just a construct to enable us to better predict the future based on the past.

You might look up “Not A Chance” by R. C. Sproul. He makes much the same argument, and he is an excellent polemicist.

Past Elder said...

Maybe I'll jump in with my lying idiotic doctorate in theoretical models later.

Right now -- Feliz Ano!

(Hey Lito, you guys leave off the "nuevo" like we PRs do? We leave off all kinds of stuff -- letters, syllables, words, whatever, the Mexicans give me crap for it.)

Past Elder said...

Oh yeah, leaving stuff out helps too when you can't type very well during one of those damned attacks of fear of modern biology.

You got any novenas or something still lying around to help with that?

Hell, there's that word lying again.

L P Cruz said...

Pleas do jump in Dr Terry.
Feliz Ano.

Hehe, yep, we leave out certain words, the heard the old abuelos doing the same.
I don't know why considering the Spaniards stationed in Mexico got assigned in Filipinas.

I am curious of any insights.

Bobxxx believe anyone who rejects
evolution must be an idiot.

Like in Sweden, I heard, you are considered crazy if you do not have a PhD. Why won't you get one.


Past Elder said...

Hell Lito, by the time this attack of fear of modern biology wears off, it'll be time to observe the Holy Day of Obligation here in Nebraska -- your TV schedules will call it the Gator Bowl, Nebraska versus Clemson. Only someone with no sense of God whatever would do anything but watch during that.