Thursday, December 11, 2008

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Look at this article from about how progress, economic boom is affecting China.

Read here.


steve martin said...

Very sad. What a shame for those poor people.

I can imagine how they feel. I am a believer and there are times when I wish it could all end.

L P Cruz said...


What a price to pay for being the next super power of the world.



steve martin said...

"What a price to pay for being the next super power of the world.


Wait to you see the price that we'll have to pay for they're becoming the next superpower of the world.

steve martin said...


Kurt Onken said...

My wife and I proud parents of a daughter from China, and soon to be parents to a son from same. Among all the other tragic, societal reasons for parents abandoning their children in China, this one is surprising. China has sure tried to put a happy face on their boom, but like every other sinful community (including our own), there is always a deep darkness lurking underneath.

L P Cruz said...

Pr. K,

Thank you for that insight. Round here we are inundated by uni students from China.

Some are quite well off, some not so well off.

They are people known for hard work and sacrifice.

It is not always well as what it seems.