Sunday, July 06, 2008

Small Cat as Evangelism Tool

[updated: thanks Pr. Kurt]
Remember the 4 Spiritual Laws? I remember at uni the poor guy who applied this to me, got an interesting response from me, I showed him my novena booklet for St. Jude.

The missus suggested to me to buy plenty of Luther's Small Catechism and give them away as an evangelism tool. I heard somebody suggested this, I said to her, but she has a way of pushing me, to get off my back side and do something so I am making plans to buy a truck load (a bit of hyperbole). So, why not. It will be a good discussion piece.

The thing that is nice is that with the Small Cat, you are not being asked for a decision, you are being told of a gift given. I won't sound like a sale's man. Since I am not asking for a decision, the point of being embarrassed does not even come to the question. I'' just be a witness how the Word is used by the Spirit to convert.

Sounds like a good idea? Has anyone tried this at home?


Past Elder said...

I gave a Small Cat as a present some years ago (early 1980s) -- to a Lutheran seminarian going with a friend of my then girlfriend. He couldn't find a copy at the sem bookstore. The synod is now part of the ELCA.

Worked out pretty well. Bought myself a copy too. Didn't read it, but it was still there in the mid 1990s when I started taking Lutheranism seriously!

LPC said...

Got my BoC 1993, did not bother seriously reading it till 2005. I knew I browsed through it when I was studying predestination. I skipped justification cause I thought I understood it already.

Was I wrong, very wrong.

You think you got this thing in the bag but you discover you don't.


Past Elder said...

My first BOC was in 1996, a gift from the pastor leading our catechetical sessions. The Tappert translation, which as a translation in some ways I prefer to the "McCain" BOC. The translation there is not a new one but a revision of the Triglot, and while I wish they had done a new one, it's OK and the added materials for study make it the one I use now, though my Tappert is still about two feet away as I blog this! You can get just the AC from it -- I actually did order a pack of six to have on hand to give away, and use one myself when I don't feel like hefting the whole BOC to study the AC. Likewise my copies of the Small Cat, both the 1943 and the 1991 synodical edition, the latter having an updated Explanation but based on the one included since early Lutheranism.

And you're right -- I read the Small Cat or the AC and there's always more to gain from it, likewise the rest of our confessional documents.

For a "crypto-papist", you'd love the fire I've drawn on a blog of another of these "come home to Rome" ex-Lutheran types -- a guy who, as you and I did, started out in Rome anyway!

LPC said...


I am like you, I mean no disrespect bro to the McCain BoC, cause I have perused it and I do not know why I still like the Tappert, somehow it has some umph that I can not pin point. The McCain BoC has good historical information though.

Now I heard of some recent defections - would that be the gentleman from Higher Things which Shuetzie mentioned? Where is it so I can read the storm you just created (LOL).


Past Elder said...

Triple whippy, it's wasn't that one but a layman who had had a blog for some time. He went through a few months of atheism, then swam the Tiber -- back.

Holy crap, one guy outdid old AS in determining I'm totally out to lunch. He said that if I cared anything about orthodox catholic faith I would have joined the SSPX or the EO, but since I left the post conciliar RCC for Lutheranism that shows me to be a liar, and just acting out of hate. He produced a picture of a chihuahua and characterised my comments as yip, yip, yip.

Judas H Priest, my message was just like one Schuetzie's: thinking the RCC is the catholic church of the creed is one thing, but the post conciliar RCC doesn't even teach the faith of the RCC anymore, so if you want Roman Catholicism flee from this fraud by even Roman Catholic standards. I mentioned having determined Christianity itself to be false since this falling away happened in the RCC, seeing no other valid church body, at the time, and that twenty three years later the BOC showed me what really happened and made Christian faith even possible for me again.

Holy Moly, this one guy I guess blew right past this, that I did not convert from RC to Lutheran, I converted to non-Christian belief and stayed that way for over twenty years! I suggested he find a therapist, or at least an optometrist to help with reading a text.

Hell, one thing unites the otherwise dissimilar forms of "Catholicism" -- they go right over the edge when you say anything against the god, the RCC itself!

Free falling frogmasters, how about those Anglicans at the Jerusalem meeting? If I were Anglican I'd be right with them. The fact is, all the major denominations Catholic and Protestant alike have moved away from their historic confessions, and I predict indeed we will see one day a bigger and better Whore of Babylon than ever, the whole mess not worthy of the name Christian but using it anyway.

LPC said...


Hah, I know who you mean then, I have been to the blog and I have read some posts.

Well we all have or labels to carry P.E., my moderation is just plain liberal for some so called 'confessional ones'.

against the god, the RCC itself!

Now you know what I mean about Roma-phelia, no (LOL)



Kurt Onken said...

Gee...I clicked on here expecting to see a picture of a little kitty. What have I gotten myself into?

LPC said...

Pr. Kurt,

Hahaha, I got ya.

You are into a post by a person going through a midlife crisis.

So I am not (too) crazy, as they say, I am just not well.



Anonymous said...

How about inviting a bunch of catechized fellow Lutherans over to your house to entertain a few non-Lutheran friends? Luther and Melanchthon accomplished a lot over several beers. We Lutherans can do the same today. A good excuse for such a shindig is to have your pastor come and bless your house.

LPC said...

Hey Joel,

That is an absolutely great idea!!!

Ok here are my thoughts - give away the Small Cat with an invitation for BBQ with their favorite drink for discussion.

Thanks Joel, I will work on that, I will also suggest this to my church as a regular course of evangelistic work.


Anonymous said...


I got the idea from my Roman Catholic in-laws who had invited my family and me to their house blessing. It's reassuring somehow to know that Lutherans have retained this custom. We turned our house blessing into a miniature neighborhood party, so it had the added advantage of helping us get to know the folks next door.

LPC said...


Them being of former children of Mother Church, Filipino Protestants of all stripes practice this house blessing service too.

I have been thinking about this suggestion of yours last night. In fact I can give it out with an invite for BBQ and discussion. My local church is caucasian based so BBQ excuse will be a good tact to take.