Monday, July 14, 2008

Bye Bye

Finally. The Big Brother show is being axed.

They finally realized I was not watching. It took a while for the blockheads to realize that when you insult people's intelligence, you get their scorn.

It does not take a nuclear physicist to figure that one out. The show is a pathetic attempt to get ratings.

I would rather watch RAW or SmackDown any day compared to this. At least it is world class entertainment. There is drama, comedy and irony.


Past Elder said...

God bless me sideways, Raw and Smackdown ain't nuttin compared to two promotions bleeding McMahon put out of business -- WCW and ECW.

LPC said...


Hahahahah...ain't that the truth.

I wanted to add that WWE has a plot, and above all has ....heart pounding suspense. It has got a story.

Big Brother has got no class, it has nothing compared to WWE.