Monday, May 12, 2008

Just another self-absorbed boomer

Hagibis - the Filipino word for being rapid or swift. When I got this machine last Saturday, that is what the missus called the whole affair. The machine gave me a good enjoyable ride, it was swift yet smooth. However, the process of buying this machine revealed certain things about me. I am not so sure if what I have found is something I am happy about, I got the word "idolatry" spinning in my brain. The whole process showed things that went inside my heart, what went on inside me.

For starters, it confirmed to me that I am a self absorbed baby-boomer, I am still intent on re-living or realizing some old teen-age dreams. What's up with us baby-boomers, why are we like that? They say what separates men from boys is the cost of their toys.

After taking this bike home, I sat down that night to reflect on what has just happened. What kind of example have I just given my kids? I felt so ashamed of this. How could I do this when I know there are folk around the world, my neighbor, who do not even have something to eat. I just insulted them. The brat is still alive and well and as I grow older, it reveals itself to me, and I wish it would die. Yesterday, I felt like returning the bike to the dealer. If I was not locked in legally, I would have asked them to take it back; of course, they would not return my deposit. Boomers are into symbols - this one is now a symbol of my shame. I was mumbling - I am so sorry, God, forgive me. How could I be like that? I am so sorry for my example, deeply sorry. Lord, have mercy on me.


steve martin said...


Give yourself a break!

The Lord wants you to enjoy yourself every now and then. Enjoy your new bike!

Live, love, and do for others and do for yourself, also!

Christ has set you free!Now live!

- Steve M.

L P Cruz said...

Thanks bro.

I am not used to having some fun that is why I feel perhaps guilt stricken when I get some.

Could that be lattent hangover puritanism on my part?

Could it be too that since we are not used to receiving gifts that we get insecure when we get some, I mean, we did not work for it and so the tendency to pay God back?


TKls2myhrt said...

I agree with Steve M. It's not bad to buy something you've wanted for a long time. It's not like you are 22 with young kids (I think). Your kids have learned a good lesson that hard work eventually leads to a few temporal rewards. Share the bike with your kids, make it family fun. I think any process ends up revealing to ourselves things we wish we didn't see...often when we least expect it. Sure, you are greedy at times. We all are! It doesn't make the bike bad. You remain a sinner (saved in Christ) whether or not you purchase a nice bike. One more America right now, you could easily justify it as part of a fuel-saving plan! Enjoy brother! I will encourage my husband to save for a nice bike. It would be a great cure for the empty-nest years we are entering.

The Scylding said...

Hangover Puritanism - now there's a under-diagnosed malady for you!

L P Cruz said...


It's not like you are 22 with young kids (I think).

Absolutely correct, it is just me and the missus now so we have room for you folk if you should visit Melbourne.

You remain a sinner (saved in Christ) whether or not you purchase a nice bike.

How so true! I enjoyed you saying that to me. It is one of the most outstanding statements I have heard lately.

Something similar we have, since I am running my own company, I got my company to own it since it will be used for work, a tax expense.

It will be a great cure TK, your American bikes ride good they are super cruisers.


L P Cruz said...


Puritanism - the paranoid notion that someone somewhere might be having some fun and a bit of enjoyment in life.

Actually it is humbling no? when the Lord allows you to enjoy some of his gifts. Then you get another sense of him being a Father to you.


Tim Kuehn said...

Self-absorbed? For trying something new, challenging yourself, learning something new, and having (gasp) fun?!?

Goodness. That's not idolatry - that's living.

(and check out the "ride reports" section of for a taste of some of the possibilities that are available to you now. :)