Friday, August 24, 2007

What God thinks of atheists

Wow, I wondered off some atheist blogs and boy, are they insulting and impolite. They really do foam in the mouth with animosity towards theists in general and Christians in particular. The latter is the usual punching bag and target of verbal insults and boy, do they make an art out of it.

I was an atheist during my university years, in fact that is why my minor was Philosophy.

If the Bible is the Word of God then it is God speaking there, so to know what God thinks of atheists, see Psalm 14:1.

God calls them "fools". Now that is a nice term, the Bible is being nice, but I think the translation of that word is found here.

Now, pleases do not get mad at me, I did not write the Bible.


Steve Newell said...

The reality is that we are all atheists before God saves us. We all reject the true God and we replace it with a god of our making. We may not call "god" but it has many of attributes of God. For example, many may place their "faith" or "trust" in knowledge. That is their god.

The good news is that God loves us dispite our foolishness. Jesus clearly states this in John 3:16.

L P Cruz said...

Thanks for reminding me Steve, because I was like that, perhaps I have forgotten what it was like. From a human standpoint I do not know if I have called Christians idiots when I was an atheist.

I may have not gone that far, but the hatred I see today is something that I am reflecting on. I wonder why I should get surprised, my naiveness I suppose. I should not be.

So sometimes I wonder too if their quarrel is with us, or with Jesus?

John 15:19
If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.


Steve Newell said...

God calling the unbeliever as "foolish" is not a putdown but a statement of our condition. We have disassociated the word "foolish" as a reflection of the individual but as a judgemental statement that one makes on other.

J. K. Jones said...


Are you jeopardizing your “G” rating with the definition you linked to?

I like what Steven is saying.

We are all fools if left to ourselves. I am foolish even as a Christian sometimes. I am a practical atheist when it suits my selfishness.

L P Cruz said...

This is a momentary slip off our usual programming but let me explain.

Actually the word is "nabal" - the person is a fool, not foolish, but a fool. It is not an adjective in that passage but a noun.

I follow a principle, it does not matter who is off of God's word, if I cross it, I am guilty too and yes, each time I consider there must be no God I am a fool. In Ps 14:1, it is the person who does not listen to reason, ie one who is stupid. I do not think they should be excused simply because I am guilty of it from time to time, cause I am not excused either.

I do get tired of atheists harrassing my brothers and sisters in Christ with the freedom to call them idiots and cash in on their politeness.

I am not being nice, I admit. They just have to deal with it.

If you will - I am answering the fool according to his folly at this time. Prov 26:5

I am simply stating the Scripture - if you note, this is the Law, and this is reserved for those who do not repent. Besides, it is God who says they are fools. It was not original to me

Furthermore, I think I will be pleased if they pass by this way and conduct a dialog here.