Friday, August 03, 2007

Do you think I am a super star?

Ahh yes, the world of Superstar Apostles, Swash Buckling Preachers and Adorable Master Jedi of Communicating Therapeutic Prosperity Get-All-You-Can-Get-From-This-World Message, where else, but in CCW (Crazy Charismaniac World)?

I got to share with you the world of celebrity preaching, read here at a Charisma Mag editorial. Something is wrong isn't it? It starts from its root doctrines that are wrong to begin with, how come my pastor friends find it hard to see? This sort of thing is the fruit of false teachings. How crazy does one need to get?

The sad thing is that this American Pentecostalism is being exported in Asia, South America and Africa, in short 3rd world nations, and they are being misled by it.

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