Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Beating to submission

I see that the ELCA will vote again on the topic of homosexual clergy. I heard they have discussed and voted on this issue before, and now it is back again on the table. Ohh, I see that, all you have to do is if at first you do not succeed just try and try again until you beat your opposition to tiredness and wear them out to submission.

I am just wondering, this technique can be used also for pushing again the ordination of women. All those who want this to be a reality is attempt to put it again on the next synod. They know how to wait, but you just got to admire the tenacity of the movement.


Matt Delves said...

This happens in all forms of politics. They will keep trying and trying until they have the numbers.

My advice, pray for them that God may show them his grace.

God bless,
Matthew Delves

LPC said...


Very very good advice. I wonder if I spend more time praying also for those I disagree with if I should be more critical of them.

I will apply the tenacity on this area too, so simple but I missed it ;-)

Anonymous said...

"I am just wondering, this technique can be used also for pushing again the ordination of women."

Well look at what happened in the Christian Reformed Church. after 30 years or so of persistent rejection of the results of synod, women received all the same ministerial opportunities as men.

Honestly, I'm not all too opposed to female clergy. It's the baggage of liberalism, immorality, and homosexuality that sneaks in after female ordination is allowed. For some reason, it always opens the door to such things.


LPC said...

Thanks Gavin, and thanks for the comments in RefCath.

It seems that way isn't it, the same argument can be employed for immorality and homosexuality in the clergy to come into the door.

It is one thing to struggle with sin and the synod's love and support should be there, but it is entirely something else to not call sin what it is.