Wednesday, May 26, 2010


My friend Noel of Port Hueneme, CA wrote to me of the passing away of his great dog, Polo.

He had Polo for many years and Noel being single, had Polo looking after his apartment. The missus and I met this dog when we visited Noel in 2005. For an Australian Shepherd dog, he was quite big for his size. One thing I appreciate in Australia is that Australian dogs are smart. Polo was smart and well trained. I remember Polo holding his water until he was allowed to get out of the apartment. Luckily for Noel, he got a Labrador called Petra a year before Polo passed away.

I have not bothered having a dog since I lost my last one - P.D. in 1998. He was a kelpie-cross, a mongrel for sure, but he was smart and he would learn new tricks and commands simply by association or instinct. The kids and I remember a lot of times we had with P.D., the many times he made us laugh.

Anyway, this is to honor Polo, a faithful friend and a blessing to Noel. Polo was simply a great human being.


Brett Meyer said...

My friend loves his dog as a dear companion. He says that the more people he meets, the more he likes his dog.

LPC said...


I did not know you are capable of giving us all a laugh. Hahaha.

Your friend's conclusion is becoming the conclusion of others too.

One thing about dogs is that you can never get them to be bitter at you. They are always friendly, I mean I had to discipline mine many times _ mainly for digging the garden. Then after that, they are still the same, they still love you as you are.


Ichabod the Glory Has Departed said...

Our Sassy is half Australian Cattle Dog (half German Shepherd) and called by her foster mother "the smartest dog we ever had." Sassy has the smarts of the ACD but also the supervisory genius of the Germans. She supervises everything I do and bosses me around a lot, too. She has her own blog and was recently honored by Sweden:

LPC said...

Pr. Greg,

I had a look at Sassy, she does look like a Kelpie, one of Australia's cattle dog. She has features like my former dog, P.D.

These dogs have rounding up instincts, you do not have to tell them to round up cattle; I suppose in the absence of cattle, they round up people too! Its in their nature. LOL.

Nice to know Sweden is can spot heroes when they see one.