Sunday, May 16, 2010

Godel - yours truly, your hero

The missus keeps reminding me that people with a sense of humor are smart people.

Thanks to Pr. Greg for this.


Augustinian Successor said...

My heart leapt for joy just now ...

That is because I'm glad that the LCMS is still strongly creationistic in outlook because the likes of McCain and many others still affirm the good ole literal account of Genesis. This is the truth, and therefore it is right and proper. McCain, and many others including CPH have not caved in to the bullshit nonsense of theistic evolutionism or its many variants such as the framework theory etc. as in the so-called conservative Reformed world even when they anti-NPP, anti-Rome and so on.

Good for and good on McCain and the many others.

Hahahahaha ... the joke's on the conservative Reformed; better still on the CONSERVATIVE Reformed SEMINARIES!

Augustinian Successor said...

McCain also had a piece on Sasse. Whenever I think about Sasse, it feels great to be a Lutheran. Or shall I say, the late Sasse reminds me how good it is to be a Lutheran! Kudos to Sasse!

L P said...


Yes I heard a famous Reformed theologian recently caused controversy by now being a theistic evolutionist. This is the fundamental difference: in Lutheran approach, the Word says it, that settles it, the heck with what the senses say. The senses do not identify reality, the Word does.


All the more he is dangerous because on the one hand, one can agree with him in the things he says about creation and that, yet on the other he tantalizes the Pope and his UOJ stance.

So the unsuspecting gets sucked down by the good things he says then swallows the poison he dishes.

Pr. Mark the owner of the Sasse blog often comes and visits here.


Augustinian Successor said...

Dear Kuya,

You're right. The jury's still out on McCain. I find it interesting that I have never come across him connecting the issue of justification by faith alone with popery.

Anyways, I'm convinced that UOJ is not Luther's position. The Luther Renaissance scholars, especially contemporary ones like the late Forde did not hold to UOJ. Fact is he emphatically disagreed with his own Norwegian *Pietistic* tradition for holding to UOJ which confuses Law and Gospel, confuses the New Man with the Old Man.

The UOJ turns the Gospel into Law! And depending on what kind of pietist you are, either antinomian or legalist! These are some of the implications of UOJ, something which unfortunately many people have not thought through.

L P said...


Yes bro, McCain says good things if not for the bad things he says that are at the heart of the matter, it won't be so contentious.

Walther and Co used rationalism to deduce UOJ from the BoC. IMHO they misunderstood what JBFA is.