Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This blog is on...yours truly.

A few blogging friends have featured some of my posts or some of my comments in their blogs.

Firstly is Dr. Ichabod, whom I mentioned in the past I read regularly, specially when he features his critiques of UOJ. You may not agree entirely with what Dr. Ichabod says, but he is a good check for some teachings or policies which some synods hold dear. His post/comments of late is found here. His book, Thy Strong Word is an enjoyable read.

Then there is fellow Aussie, David Schuetz, an ex-Lutheran who is still Lutheran though now an RC. Try figuring that out. What the?!!!? I know of David (whom I have never met personally) virtually, and as expected we stand on opposite banks of the river. Anyway I said something about his being "still crypto-Lutheran" here. Oh, BTW Past Elder is also featured there and as expected goes into debate with the folk there -- often. You can read Past Elder's comments there too.

Enjoy and hope they make you reflect, think, cojutate.

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