Monday, December 03, 2007

Says something about some of us

Here is the bigger picture here.

[Pr. Kurt if you are reading, let me know if you got a laugh].

If you do not get a chuckle at this, you should get one in the CrummyChurch Signs.


Kurt Onken said...

Hey, betcha I got a laugh out of that, along with the church signs blog.

Have you seen the following along the same lines?

Motivational Posters for the Emerging Chaos


Church Sign Generator

L P Cruz said...

Pr. Kurt.

I like that bit that said I can not hear you while you are disagreeing with me. I now modify that to I can not read your comment while you are disagreeing with my post

hehehe (LOL).


L P Cruz said...

and BTW, those de-motivators are killing me.