Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Quotable Elder

This is dedicated again to Dr. Maher.

Past Elder said something worth giving a major focus:

The Roman church to me now lacks any credibility whatsoever, though within it as within other heterodox to the point of being marginally if at all Christian bodies the true catholic church of Christ can be found. As an institution, it is simply the state religion of the Western Roman Empire in its anachronistic post Imperial existence, now lamely trying to address a world to which it is irrelevant. To behold it now reminds me of the reaction those who remembered the First Temple had when seeing the Second -- tears that such a pathetic shadow of what was before is all there is. But by the grace of God I now know that what was before was no "First Temple" but itself fallen.
Now I can see why the lack of credibility is mentioned and I think I have also said something in the past that illustrates this. Let me explain as an example.

Let us for the sake of argument consider ole Mother Church through the Magisterium is being asked to decide on an issue that requires either a yes or no, or in another vain, either declare it is an A or NOT A. So what happens say is that they declared --"folks it is A" (say like that in Vatican I).... So time ticks away and many many years passed and fresh questions on the same issue gets a hearing but essentially similar points. The Magisterium comes around and say --"folks it is NOT A" (say like in Vatican II).

So you scratch your head and you say ---"now come on, you changed your mind on this haven't ya"? They say "Nah, you see LP, we have always believed it to be NOT A"...."you know back then in the distant past we said A, but actually we are clarifying what we meant by that today and what we meant then was it has always been NOT A". They continue ..."No we have not changed, we are just clarifying what we meant by A back then, and what we meant by it is that it is NOT A".

Now, I dunno bout you, but this is the kind of thing why there are Sedevacantists and why they seem to be growing. The only thing is that the former does not like to admit what the old Protestants have been saying all along, corruption is possible.

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