Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A cultural Christian eyh.

Apparently the atheist Dawkins is a Christian after all, a cultural Christian.

Read here.

Now what the blazing saddles does that mean? Is it like Bishop Spong being a Christian too?

I suspect the post-modern notion that the art viewer is free to interpret and redefine what the author intends his art to mean is what is happening here. The viewer participates in like a play where in the thing itself is given some mystical meaning so profound you have to be crazy first to get what the post-modern is talking about. Besides, getting it is not important, if you do not like it just re-define it to your own liking.

This surely defies the sacred notion of "definition" so loved by mathematicians. Their art is no longer possible and dissolves if post modernism gets into their craft.


Doorman-Priest said...

Now don't you start on Bishop Spong! He speaks very highly of you.

LPC said...


There is a proverb that says you can tell the person's character by the kind of people who speaks highly of him (LOL)


David Cochrane said...

Upper class twits like Dawkins give me a pain in my bum. They enjoy all the benefits of the past when people loved God and formed societies around priciples Jesus preached. The privilage to throw up in public Dawkins and his ilk enjoy is part of this heritage.

Seems interesting he does not seem to be pining for the USSR which was based upon his ideology of atheism.

I have pictured Dawkins and several others in the Monty Python "Upper Class Twit" competition. ;P

There I go again ranting. Tis the season to be ranting Fa la la la la la la la!

Blessed Advent and Merry Christmas Bro!

LPC said...


And my Christmas wishes and God's blessings to you too bro.

Seems to me that the Dawkins guy need not be taken seriously eyh?

An atheist cultural Christian, duh?


Anonymous said...

7. Comment #99741 by The Truth, the light on December 17, 2007 at 1:14 pm

Given that Christmas is a mixture of Pagan, Christian and a host of other myths and traditions, it could probably be considered the ultimate multi-cultural festival.

Mind you, that hasn't stopped certain groups (ie: Christian) from hijacking the original purpose of Christmas celebrations.

LPC said...


He might be cultural but he should not identify himself as a Christian because if he is one, then I must be an atheist too, fair?