Thursday, October 04, 2007

What is the point?

Today is Thursday (my time). Every Thursday night we have bible study in my home and we have been going through the Book of Romans. It has been almost a year now. I thank the Lord, we have come now to Romans 9.

This morning, a loved one who attends the bible study asked me an interesting question.

Q: What is the meaning of this (bible study)? How has this affected or even changed our lives? What is the point of this (activity)?

This is how I answered this question.

A: The point is that though I hate and am angry at myself, and though I hate and am angry at my life, I want to know that God does not hate me nor is angry with me,..... but rather loves me.

I guess what I was alluding to was my search and constant assurance of 'favor Dei' [favor of God, i.e. Grace]. We know of course this is Jesus. John 1:17

How would you answer the question?


J. K. Jones said...

I cannot do better than Westminster:

"Man's chief end is to glorify god and enjoy him forever."

We study, praise, worship, witness, pray, work, love, share, teach, learn, grow, and know all for His glory and because of His grace.

William Weedon said...

Oh, better than Westminster (which I still like a lot - at least its first answer!):

The point of gathering around the Word is for God to give into us the gifts of His divine life in Christ. Here is wisdom! Here is knowledge! Here is joy everlasting and the forgiveness of all sins! For here God speaks His promises and we listen and rejoice to hold to them. It's not about our glorify Him first. It's about His pity and mercy and love for us. It's about the cross - the Scriptures are all about Christ and Him crucified and the Crucified One risen for our salvation!

L P Cruz said...

Bro. JK,

Pr. Will's answer is the Concordian mind set which is a different paradigm from Westminster that starts from below going up; the Concordians start from above going down. (don't worry, you will get used to this when you hang around our territory ;-)

In my experience though, and I am just being honest, as a former Pentecostal, I was into the business of glorifying God but I observe that it can get you tired because glorifying God is a never ending and never finishing activity.

But if for a moment as Pr. Will said, we go to receive the gifts the Father has for us then we see Rom 8:38-39 in action.

For a brief moment, we have been drawn away outside ourselves, away from our world of toil in body, mind and spirit and caused to be favored by God and told of his gifts, we do go out with lifted hands praising God.

By Christ, God is a Father to us. Savor that!

Pr. Will,

The word 'pity' is so important, thanks for using that word.

If God does not take pity on me, I am toast.

His pity is our source of strength.

Be blessed in your coming in and your going out (in this blog ;-)).


David said...

As Isaiah stated and recorded in the 12th chapter that God was angry with us but has turned His anger away and comforts us. He has become our salvation for we have no hope of being holy as He requires.

Later on we are told we respond by drawing water with joy from the wells of salvation. Trust in His baptism of us in Himself.

Cool huh?

L P Cruz said...

Cool bro, all because of Jesus!

Did you get to see my PS in the last post?

5Pint? Sometimes I like a bit of guinness with my meal.


Anonymous said...

Hey Extra nos great blog, keep up the good work!

David said...

Yes and thank you for the p.s.!

Now days it is five pints of water I fear. Occaisional Fat Tire ale is good but due to health concerns I stop at two.

Interesting when I was a baptist and thought it was a sin to drink I drank it by the gallon. Chief of sinners though I be.

L P Cruz said...

Water is good for you bro! ;-)

revpiazza said...

I answer the "What good does it(has it done) do?" question:

The flesh of man wants to work and do. The New Adam wants to be held, fed and comforted. The "study" of God's Word stops us from "doing" and forces us to dwell in, hearken and, as the collect says, "inwardly digest."

The flesh says, "It's only words." The spirit says, "It is life."

I desire life.

L P Cruz said...

I recall John 20:21.

Eternal life has been given. God says ...'read my book'.


J. K. Jones said...

Mr. Weedon,

The glory of God is clearly displayed in His love and mercy to us.

We do not disagree that the Bible is about Christ, but glorifying Him is no different than glorifying God.


L P Cruz said...

The reverse is not necessarily true, no? I mean, for example, Islamists pride themselves of glorifying God, remember the shout - God is Great!?

Here glorifying God does not imply they are glorifying Jesus, no?