Sunday, October 21, 2007

The forgotten Marjoe

Marjoe Gortner was the youngest person ordained in a Pentecostal church. He was ordained at age 4 and he performed marriages and stuff. Born in 1945, he was a child preacher but in 1972, he came clean and exposed the game he could no longer play. Leaving the revival circuit life style he turned to being a hippy. Marjoe was honest, he knew there was something wrong, and he faced up to it. I pray for Marjoe that he may hear the real Gospel, rather than the show he was led to believe it to be.

This second video is quite blunt and revealing. There is money to be made in revivalism and pietism and this second video shows it. One of the most alluring thing is that when lives are said to have been changed by a person's ministry, that sort of validates that the person must be a true teacher- NOT. I leave you to it to be shocked and awed based on this second video.

As a hurried update to Marjoe, here is an article of Sarah Kernochan who produced the documentary about Marjor in 1972 that won an Academy Award.

Since Past Elder and I have been discussing charismaticism lately, I BTW dedicate this post to him, as a new friend in this wide world of blog. Since we have on our radar the activities of people like Mr. John Osteen and the others like Mr. Benny Hinn, I think it will do well that we remember Marjoe as well as pray for all of them (and us too).

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