Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Champion in you, now

Well, the Christian bloggers are discussing the teaching of the man our wives want us to be. How can you fault that awesome smile? The guy who is never negative, always positive, who is always patient and gentle, never blows his top and can tell good jokes too! Not only do our wives like him, our grandmas would love to adopt him too.

I do not listen or watch Mr. Osteen's program but it still worries me. His teaching worries me because that positive, encouragement stuff does not lift people from darkness, in fact it keeps people there. What is more is that this type of stuff is being exported out from USA and imported to to South American, Asian and African countries, developing countries where the seduction is magnetic. This guy thinks that our problem is that we are just plain negative or discouraged, he thinks our problem is not sin, so no wonder people love the guy. He is telling the world what it wants to hear.

Well of course, he attributes his success to "God", who in his thinking mind would not? If you don't say it is due to God, then you would be giving yourself away won't you? Who in his thinking mind would like to listen to pastor who is not associating himself with God? Not many.

So today if ever I watch American tele-evangelists on the tubes, I watch to get amused. I know better because I used to be one of the suckers who supported and bought their wares


David said...

It can be entertaining on some level as the talk show guys were demonstrating. The problem is also apparant in that it brings ridicule, wrongly, on the Name of Jesus.

Think of the multlple millions of dollars that is wasted on this slop. Most of this comes from people who can ill afford it.

Sorry for the rant but my ranting gets raves! :P

L P Cruz said...

Bro. Davi,

You could be classically funny ;-)

But yes, I am sorry for the poor souls this teacher is misleading.

May God wake them up early, for plenty of hurt and disillusioned people will there be as Osteen gets the spoils.