Saturday, September 01, 2007

Another Proof - all numbers are the same

I found another proof for this theorem--

All numbers are the same.


We prove by induction on any number n. For initial case, we now that 1 = 1. Now for inductive hypothesis: assume it is true for any number n and now show it is true for n+1. We know that n+1 = n+1, hence it is also true for the case n+1.

QED. (I think it should be replaced by LOL)

Want another even shorter proof?

We use proof by contradiction. Assume it not true that all numbers are the same. We know that 1 = 1,hence a contradiction, thus all numbers are the same.


Want another even really shorter proof?

Trivial (the mathematicians favorite word).


What is the moral of the story? If sophistry can be done in maths, the more it can be done in theology.

The Book of Concord in the Apology charges their adversary with sophistry. A sample is in Article 6 verse 26

26] May God put to confusion these godless sophists who so wickedly distort God's Word to their own most vain dreams! What good man is there who is not moved by such indignity? "Christ says, Repent, the apostles preach repentance; therefore eternal punishments are compensated by the punishments of purgatory; therefore the keys have the power to remit part of the punishments of purgatory; therefore satisfactions redeem the punishments of purgatory"! Who has taught these asses such logic? Yet this is neither logic nor sophistry, but cunning trickery. Accordingly, they appeal to the expression repent in such a way that, when the inexperienced hear such a passage cited against us, they may derive the opinion that we deny the entire repentance. By these arts they endeavor to alienate minds and to enkindle hatred, so that the inexperienced may cry out against us [Crucify! crucify!], that such pestilent heretics as disapprove of repentance should he removed from their midst. [Thus they are publicly convicted of being liars in this matter.]


Steve Newell said...

Your logic of all numbers are the same could be applied to those who believe that all religions are the same. If all people are created in the image of God then their image of God is all the same.

There are no contradictions of God between various religious, just how God has revealed him/her/itself to various people.

L P Cruz said...

Thanks for the application Steve, that is one reasoning where rediculous notions happen.