Friday, September 07, 2007

You might say you got options

I gotta blog this, I got this from Lutherans Love Theology list. Right now for those Lutherans who are crypto-Romies or crypto-Orthies, there is now a denomination that offers you the security of Apostolic Succession within the Lutheran Reformation. It is called the Lutheran Orthodox Church AKA Catholic Church - Lutheran Rite. It is found here. No need to swim the Tiber or the Bosphorous, there is an alternative for you. The possibilities are endless it seems because they ordain women in the priesthood, they got the smells and bells, and hey, they Apostolic Succession, the historicity one eventually longs for.

Now what is of further interest to me is that the ArchBishop who ordained the Bishop for this church group has links to the Philippine Independent Catholic Church (Iglesia Filipina Independiente ). Now if my history is right, I got ancestors from one of my grandmother's side who were members of this church also known as the Aglipayans. Perhaps Protestantism runs in the blood, sometimes I wonder.

Aglipay was an RC priest who broke away from the Papacy in the 1800s and as far as I know they are in communion now with the Anglican Church. The Reformation never reached the Philippines and for someone like Aglipay to break away without known influence from Geneva, Augsburg, Westminster or Canterbury says a lot. Sure enough, Aglipay like Luther was excommunicated by the Pope.

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