Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Sometimes I think the work of RC apologists gets knocked down by default - by its own doctrine of Magisterium. I really think it is pointless debating to no end with RC apologists. Not that they have no interesting things to say but their work becomes irrelevant. Firstly, if there is an Infallible Magisterium, then who decides to be the proper interpreter of its teachings and pronouncements? You might say the Magisterium itself. So it just revolves around them. Hence, if you go on debate with RC apologists, what is the point? For after all, they are not the official spokes people for the Magisterium. They are not officially sunctioned, so, the situation is superfluous.


J. K. Jones said...

I’ve often wondered what it would be like to tell an RC: “Why don’t you go ask the infallible Pope how to infallibly convince me that you are right? It seems that he would know how to convince me to follow the rules.”

I’m not sure that would work, though.

L P Cruz said...


They say to us that we have millions of interpretations of the Bible.

Guess what, and I do not know why they do not realize, they have umpteen interpreations of the Magisterial degrees.

So when an RC apologists points things, I have to say the same thing - that is your interpretation of the declaration.

As the late Fr. Desanctis ex-RC priest and ex-Inquisitor turned Waldensian in the late 19th c., the RC has so many commentaries of Bible passages, yet none of them are official.



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L P Cruz said...

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