Monday, June 25, 2007

I got an idea about online confessions

NO doubt you have heard the concept of online confessions offered by church bodies and self-help groups. Rightly so, the problem with these is that the most important aspect that of absolution is not there. In this past blog I pointed that even those who come from denominations that do not practice confession-absolution long to hear sins absolved.

I got an idea - why not online absolutions! Weird? What do you think online confessions are? Normal?

But hey, look, we can make some money on this. We say ok, after you've done your confessin, and braggin about your great sins, hit this button to hear your absolution (for a small fee). Voila! We pop open Media Player or iTunes and there the one confessing gets to hear right there through the computer speakers a pastor's absolution.

Good idea? What do you think? Shall I program a web site for this? Don't forget to give me royalties for this idea!


J. K. Jones said...

Is there a sarcasm-inducing drug in the water supply down there?

I have laughed very hard at your last two posts.

L P Cruz said...

Ayayay caramba JK,

If we can not laugh at what is going on in our circles, we just gotta cry.


Steve Newell said...

Why stop at confession and absolution. Let's have virtual communion. You can select the wine of your choice and the bread of your liking, then click on the icon to hear a voice blessing the elements. Also we can have self administered baptism with the VOID "minister" saying the words.

I don't need a church, just a laptop with a very good internet connection since the Church is what it means to me.

L P Cruz said...


Another great and crazy idea - but I mean, do not be surprized if someone *DOES* offer it in the internet. I wonder which church body will do it first?


Ritewinger said...

Here you go, complete instructions on how to celebrate online communion, excuse me while I gag.


L P Cruz said...


Thanks for dropping by, now just at the time when we were talking? Someone got onto it and did it...

Hmmm, we do live in a crazy wild world.



GMAC said...

All kidding aside, is there anything wrong with a pastor and a penitent doing confession and absolution over an online messenger? The concerns would be: (1) making sure absolution is given by ordained pastors and (2) weeding out fake penitents. As a member of the LC-MS, I see no reason why the synod could not provide a messenger on to address concern (1). Concern (2) could become an issue from time to time, but I don't think it would override the value it could have for others.
Why do this, though? -- it would be a good stepping stone between current practices of corporate confession and absolution. With no structure in place for private confession, a lot of people don't know how to seek it, even if they want to. Social anxieties surrounding the practice are sometimes too overwhelming to overcome the lack of prescribed private confession in congregations. My suggestion takes care of that. Of course, it is arguably better to push for private confession to just be given its proper place in the congregation, but this seems like an easy stop gap for the meantime. In fact, it may even help move along the renewal of private confession.
I would love to hear your thoughts, though.

LPC said...


I think it should be ok. For this is similar to a believer phoning the pastor to confess. We do not even have to go chat, the phoning should be illustrative example. Is this ok? I think it should be. I think the whole point is the communication of sin and absolution is happening and the form should be a secondary issue.