Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Debating Atheists

I like to debate them having once an anti-believer myself. But now a days, it is impossible to conduct a meaningful conversation with them. For example, which Athesist's version is the official version of beliefs by Atheists?

I mean, do these people have a Statement of Faith? If they do, then we can start somewhere, that way I am not misrepresenting or need to deal with an individual Atheist. It would be nice if someone can point me to say The Joint Declaration of Atheists or something like that. I mean, what Confession of Faith does an Atheist have? I heard Atheists subscribe to some belief in morality but which statement of morality do we get to read and examine? As an aside, what parameter of truth can one use to conduct a meaningful conversation with them? It is like pinning a jello on a wall.

The exercise is just too much trouble and besides, I can not take them seriously anyway, so, they must not exist.


J. K. Jones said...

Wait a minute. Are you saying that an individual who does not subscribe to a creed cannot be witnessed to? I hope not, because I know of at least several hundred thousand Southern Baptists who do not subscribe to a creed or have a uniform set of beliefs that desperately need a witness.

You are right when you say they are difficult to take seriously, though.

LPC said...

oh yes they do JK, at least they subscribe to the Apostle's Creed, or at least the Bible.

Atheists that I observe today do not even have a definition of truth so how can you talk to them?