Friday, September 30, 2005

Strange Similarity

It is amazing as I listened to a debate between a RC apologist and a Protestant apologist that I just realized the claims of Rome (RCC) matches the claims of Utah (LDS). They are similar in their claims to infallibility of their hierarchy.

Rome claims infallibility for its magisterium. In the RCC catechism, it stated this in point 2035
"The supreme degree of participation in the authority of Christ is ensured by the charism of infallibility. This infallibility extends as far as does the deposit of divine Revelation; it also extends to all those elements of doctrine, including morals, without which the saving truths of the faith cannot be preserved, explained, or observed.[77]"
What about point 2051
"The infallibility of the Magisterium of the Pastors extends to all the elements of doctrine, including moral doctrine, without which the saving truths of the faith cannot be preserved, expounded, or observed"

The LDS also claims infallibility. Look at this statement...

by Charles W. Penrose
"Our organization is a very glorious one. It is a perfect organization -- perfect -- because it is divine. It was not made by man. It was not originated by Joseph Smith, or by any of his associates. It came down from above, direct from eternal worlds. It was not taken out of the Bible. It was not taken out of the Book of Mormon, or any other book" Journal of Discourses, vol. 24, p. 304 (1883)

by Brigham Young -
"The Lord Almighty leads this Church, and he will never suffer you to be led astray if you are found doing your duty. You may go home and sleep as sweetly as a babe in its mother's arms, as to any danger of your leaders leading you astray, for if they should try to do so the Lord would quickly sweep them from the earth." Journal of Discourses, vol. 9, p. 289 (1862)

If you are not bothered with it I am, for I have dear friends in the RCC who will fight tooth and nail to show that the RCC is the real Church.


once a catholic said...

"...that they may be one, Father".

LPC said...

I am not concern that visibly we do not appear to be one, but I say "I believe in one holy catholic(universal as oppose to Roman) church".

ben said...

The LDS Church believes continuing revelation.

The Catholic Church teaches that the Church can make infallible definitions on faith and morals, but is insistent that revelation closed at the death of the last apostle.

You should have known that.

LPC said...

I suggest that you missed the comparison I am making.

My knowing that is irrelevant to the issue at hand. Primarily because my issue is that the RC and LDS claim to authority is the same - in both churches the people are enjoined to believe the church officials because they allege that they are the ones who possess divine approval. The claim is stated but not proven. It is alleged but not substantiated. That is the point I am making.

The LDS still believing in present revelation is not relevant to the matter. The point is that the claims to authority of RC follows the same logic or pattern as that of LDS.