Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Before Katrina hit New Orleans, LA (USA), my friend was sharing with me how he is awed at God at the same time how he feared Him. Reading of what has happened in New Orleans, how could we not be at awe and in fear of God? He is again reminding us that we are not in control, He is.

We have to go past what the TV portrays and put ourselves in the shoes of those refugees. The TV has a way of making us feel detached and un-affected because it is too remote, too far, to feel what the people in New Orleans are going through. Those of us who have never experienced such floodings, never experienced losing a loved one because nature has turned itself on us could never feel their agony/pain. However, it should make us think of the one who owns the storm, it should make us think of God - a healthy fear of him and awe as my friend says, is healthy and will produce wisdom in us.

O Lord be merciful to the people of New Orleans, and to us too who are not there.

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