Monday, September 26, 2005

Done or Do?

At the Cross the Lord said it is finished - John 19:30. They say there are only two kinds of religions in this world - the religion you do or the religion that has been done for you. Christianity is unique, Biblically based Christianity that is, for those who come from the Reformation side of Christianity. It asserts that it has been done for you by Christ. Other forms of Christianity mixes faith and works together. This boils down to their view of sin, is sin just a weakness or is it a defect? We are dead in trespasses and sins, we need a savior. We can not even make an effort from a pure heart to draw to God. God gave a Savior it is Jesus - whose name is - the Lord Saves. He died and rose again for the payment for our sins, said the Bible. This is the gospel.

This message is the power of God, the gospel that says - it has been a done deal, your sins have been put on Christ, he carried it at the cross in his body. He lived the perfect life for you and carried your sins (and mine) on the cross of calvary. He did it all. Unfortunately in some churches, aside from RC and EO, they teach that yes, he died you are to believe that and Christ will help you do good works and when you have done these works you will be declared righteous. There is one thing I asked when I was an RC, how much work do I have to do to be righteous? No one can tell you.

Yesterday I spoke at Word for the World, and spoke on Rom 1:16-17 and I believe the Word of the Lord did not return void. There was no altar call. I will stop giving one. I find it interesting that after church lunch a lady came up to me in tears and said "thanks for the message, often I come to church with heavy burdens and leave church still with a heavy burdens, today I go home released with my burdens lifted". I said, it was not my message it was the work of Jesus and what he did for you , and it is also for your children. She walked off with a beaming smile in her face. I too walked off smiling and happy. I believe she received the gospel. It produces faith in the heart of the hearer, it is God's way of delivering his salvation in Christ, so why should we be ashamed of it. We should be happy it has been done, this is good news. It can not be better than that.

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TKls2myhrt said...

Excellent! You have just described my own experience in the past two years or so. I left a "do" church for a "done" church. I found peace and joy at the foot of the cross. Thanks for stopping at my blogs. I am also glad you are checking out Cyberbrethren. Rev. McCain is a good blogger. I am very thankful for pastors that take the time to blog. Merry Christmas!