Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Walther's Synergistic Quote

I thought that I should bring up to people's attention this famous Walther quote (HT. Ichabod) . It seems appropriate to discuss this since Ichabod is featuring Rev. Harley's papers.

I highlighted in bold the synergistic - decision theology presentation found in this quote from the lips of C. F. W. Walther...

"For God has already forgiven you your sins 1800 years ago when He in Christ absolved all men by raising Him after He first had gone into bitter death for them. Only one thing remains on your part so that you also possess the gift. This one thing is—faith. And this brings me to the second part of today's Easter message, in which I now would show you that every man who wants to be saved must accept by faith the general absolution, pronounced 1800 years ago, as an absolution spoken individually to him."

C. F. W. Walther, The Word of His Grace, Sermon Selections, "Christ's Resurrection—The World's Absolution" Lake Mills: Graphic Publishing Company, 1978, p. 233. Mark 16:1-8.
Hmmm, so you must accept by faith that you have been absolved and if you do, then you are. Then, if you don't, you ain't.

To quote one of the kids in our clan...Wah???? Wah????

Anyway back to my hole.... see youse later...


Ichabod the Glory Has Departed said...

Yes, that is the modern day formula used by the synergists. God has done this; now you must complete the transaction by making a decision for Christ.

J. P. Meyer even said "make a decision" about UOJ.

No wonder the UOJ/Shrinkers flock like headless chickens to the Babtist leaders Stanley and Stetzer.

LPC said...

similar message, no?


hn160 said...

Are you sure that you aren't from eastern Pennsylvania when you use the word youse.

LPC said...


Hahahaha. You mean they speak Strine in Pennsylvania too?



Brett Meyer said...

He breathes! Thinking of you often LPC, and praying for you more than that. Christ continue to be with you my friend.

Your brother by faith alone in Christ,

LPC said...
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LPC said...


What a blessing to see your comments today. A blessing because this morning I decided to just stay in bed and pray. You, Pr. Greg and the other Ichabodians came to my mind and so I prayed for all of us.

The Lord also be with you as we fight the fight of faith.

May the peace of God guard you and your loved ones.

Your bro also by faith alone in Christ,


Ichabod the Glory Has Departed said...

We worry about your horrible weather there and your safety.

LPC said...

Pr. Greg,

It is really amazing what is happening to us this year. That cyclone was about as big as Australia and it hit the northern states.

In other parts of the country, they are not having floods but bush fires and heat waves.

Some religious folk are suggesting that God is rocking this country to the ground. We have a prime minister who is an open atheist and openly flaunts her cohabitation with a man in a defacto relationship. Australian who come from Asian backgrounds are also scandalized by this, they are not wanting now to openly admit they are Australian citizens to their fellow home country men (so I am being told).