Monday, January 17, 2011

Collapsing under stress.

I was reading Genesis 22 the other day.

Then I imagined what if what happened to Abraham, happened to me. What if I was Abraham and God told me to sacrifice my son?

I would probably have my ulcers flare up, and I would probably have fainted under stress.

I wish people would stop trivializing the faith of Bible characters.

What happened to Abraham was not a simple matter, it was a very excruciating experience.

I would have been a nervous wreck if God told me to do something like that.
(I am still offline, I thought I would give something for you to think about).


Ichabod the Glory Has Departed said...

The faith of Abraham is the topic of Romans 4, and the UOJ advocates conclude from that chapter that we are forgiven without faith.

Moreover, they attack faith at every opportunity, although faith in the Word is extolled by the Scriptures.

LPC said...

Pr. Greg,

It is really astounding how faith is so maligned in UOJ.

They do not pray "Lord, help my unbelief" because there is nothing to faith.

It just stumps me when their UOJ pastors repeat the usual talking points.


Joe Krohn said...

I held up Abraham to a WELS pastor recently just like Paul did in Romans. He proceeded to do a character assasination and discredit him as a worthy example by the dastardly deeds he committed during his life. I was flabbergasted.

Jesus lived a short life and His ministry was even shorter...miniscule by today's standards. Relatively speaking only a handful of people saw Him or heard Him preach. Fewer saw Him die. So the rest of us live by faith; both before and after Jesus' life. Its all the same.

The beauty of Abraham's faith is that regardless of the outcome, he knew that God had made a promise that Isaac would be in the line of Christ. He already believed in the Resurrection and that God would raise Isaac if need be. What faith!!!

LPC said...


To some, faith is very trivial. Really to some, there is nothing to it at all. They do not see it as something to marvel at. Yet Jesus did, several times marveled; for example, the faith of the centurion who had a sick slave.

This is quite weird for some Lutherans to malign faith, UOJ Lutherans are notorious for this, they seem to hate it.

The BoC spoke of the illusiveness of faith encouraging us to stick to the means of grace because we have no control of its coming. Indeed, UOJ Lutherans do not cry to Jesus - Lord please help my unbelief, they do not see faith as a problem at all. But Jesus did, he spoke about having faith many many times.

Correct, Abraham did believe that even if he killed Isaac, God (he believed) would raise his son from the dead because God can not back away from his Word of promise.