Friday, September 17, 2010

Hawking is obsolete

Read a commentary here.

Hawking may be an insightful physicist but he is poor at philosophy. So where did M-theory come from? Where did gravity come from? It is the thing that prevents the physics of the big and the physics of the small from integrating.

Just this morning, I opened my Bible and read the words of Jesus. I put down my Bible with the thought of praising Christ, I could not desribe what I experienced inside me, perhaps the best word to describe it is Life (His words). So I thought of praising Him for what I received, in my internal prayer, I felt no words could describe the gratitude in heart that I wanted to express to him. His spiritual blessings and the praise due to Him are beyond human words.

I like what one guy said, how could Jesus be dead, I just spoke to him this morning.


Acroamaticus said...

I'm no physicist, I must say, but the way Hawking's new conclusion was reported in the popular media made no sense - how could gravity assume such creative power? it seems like clutching at straws to avoid the obvious to me.

Ichabod the Glory Has Departed said...
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Ichabod the Glory Has Departed said...

LP, I thought you were a new convert to PETA, the animal rights fanatics.

Hawking got an honorary doctorate at Notre Dame at the same ceremony where I earned mine.

The science establishment glorifies atheists while excommunicating believers. Ben Stein's "Exiled" is good on this topic.

"Diversity" is the new witch hunt in the States. Students must take the course, which must reflect ultra-Left lavender opinion. Corporations must have diversity goals, which invent such crazy quotas that fully qualified people cannot get jobs because there are no slots for the qualified, only for bi-sexual Hottentots.

(I deleted to edit my comment.)

LPC said...

Pr. Mark,

Hawking is a dud philosopher.

He assumes the Big Bang is the way things happened, so for him it is no longer theory but fact.

He needs to go back and take Philosophy 101.


LPC said...

Pr. GJ,

I eat KFC once a month.

On diversity, I think respect and tolerance may be taken over board. One of the schools I teach in has a policy for teachers not to have any piercings in their noses or ears etc.

The school could not implement their policy.