Monday, September 06, 2010

Ambrosiaster Quote

For some reason, I picked up my copy of volume NT VI (Romans), of Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, edited by Gerald Bray. Here is what Ambrosiaster said about
Romans 5:18...
18 Therefore, as through one man’s offense judgment came to all men, resulting in condemnation, even so through one Man’s righteous act the free gift came to all men, resulting in justification of life.

Some people think that because the condemnation was universal, the acquittal will also be universal. But this is not so, because not everyone believes. Commentary on Paul's Epistles

Actually, some believe that the acquittal has already happened and was universal.

So far I have not come across any one suggesting this Church Father was a heretic.


Pr Mark Henderson said...

Pardon the shameless self-promotion, but check out my blog Lutheran Catholicity ( for more good quotes from Ambrosiaster (who was an anonymous commentator on Paul) and other church fathers. My intention there is to highlight patristic antecedents of Lutheran doctrines.

LPC said...

Pr. Mark,

Thanks for the link.


Brett Meyer said...

Lito, I was reading a book the last few weeks titled, Burning Down The Shack. It is a critique of Paul Young's best selling book The Shack (blasphemous and heretical from a Confessional foundation). I have posted on Ichabod concerning The Shack's promotion of UOJ which I found interesting since Paul Young is, among other things, a New Age Universalist. The critique takes issue on alot of points but primarily on Young's teaching of Universal Reconcilliation, which ties in nicely with the false gospel of UOJ. Many Lutheran churches are reading The Shack as a group and individually.

(W)ELS (page 5)


LPC said...

Dear Brett,

What is it that they say? Birds of a feather flock together?

I specially placed Ambrosiaster quote to show how the UOJ interpretation of that verse is different from his and so alert them. It should cause them to suspect and wonder but some are hard bent on it.