Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You'd better be good to me, I could give you a job

Life is so fantastic. Everyday I get tons of email of these lovely people who wanted to give me money and make me a millionaire. I am counting, if I really pursued their kind gesture, I should out do Bill Gates' billions by now. The only thing that kept me from being a millionaire is that lots of money is not everything for me. Geeks are very poor when it comes to this sort of thing like money.

Look at the number of church programs I could have helped if only I accepted the many millions of dollars people wanted to share with me. I mean, some people have these monies being left behind by their loved ones hidden somewhere and these families are more than happy for me to have their inheritance. What did I do to deserve all of this love?

Other times a lottery group would say they picked my ticket. That really puzzled me because I do not buy lotto tickets. Take this organization here who wrote to me...

Re: Notification of your payment new arrangements.

This is to inform you that the officials have scheduled your payment of US$1.5Million through Western Union Money Transfer. This method of payment had been

designed by the officials to avert fraud perpetration or stoppage of your funds anymore.

So you should be advice to re-confirm your information below: YOUR FULL NAME, DIRECT TELEPHONE NUMBER, CURRENT ADDRESS, and CITY COUNTRY.

Also send the details to the WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER OFFICE IN BENIN REPUBLIC for you to start receiving your money immediately. And you should note

that the maximum amount you will be receiving every day is ($5,000,00USD) with install mental of US$2,500.00 twice on daily basis and you will be receiving

each copy of the Western Union Money Transfer Slip with the details which that will enable you to cash your money from any western union office in your


You should therefore be advice to re-confirm your information to MR PETER JODAN of western union money transfer office in Cotonou Benin republic to the

E-mail address on his contact details below:

Contact Person; MR PETER JODAN.

Western Union Money Transfer Office.

Tel; 00229 99 44 18 63

Contact Email;

Who knows, this might be what Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland and Joyce Meyer called "abundant life" Jesus promised, no? Watdayatink?

Cotonou Benin republic? This is the first time I have heard of this nation, where in the world is that?


Becky said...

With all those CAPS, don't you know it's URGENT?!

LPC said...

Thanks Becky, I'd better get on to it. You are in my friends list book so expect a couple of millions on your way there to Japan.



Unknown said...

Dear Lito,

The promises are not lies. Those emails are lies. Those emails are not based on word of faith. My pastor preaches that "simply because there are counterfit dollars does not mean that we should reject true dollars." In other words simply because there are false preachers out to get your money by your tithe does not mean that tithing by faith under anointed preaching does not result in a return from God. The Theology of The Cross is like pacifism. Simply because Goliath exists does not mean that war against him is a sin. Simply because false wealth and health exists does not mean that wealth and health from God does not. Simply because satans children enjoy wealth and health through lies does not mean that God does not grant wealth and health through the truth. You are suggesting that God himself is false because of the existance of satan. We are required to do more than shun these emails. We are required to bind and spoil them. The Theology of the Cross only balances out the debt of original sin to zero. The true Gospel fully restores the positive credit of creation against original sin. Identification is direct union with the Father Himself above and beyond union with Christ. Imputation is based on the obediance of the Father not Christ! We are truly imputed with the Father's works not only Christ's works! The Theology of the Cross is a rejection of the love and work of the Father! The Father was not directly wrathful against Christ. Only indirectly. the Father directly raised Christ and us over satan.

In Christ Jesus,
Jim Cronfel

LPC said...


Imputation is based on the obediance of the Father not Christ

Obedience of the Father? Obedience to what?

Maybe you are not talking about imputation, for imputation is a reckoning or the accounting.

I think you mean infusion of God's power like an LP gas infuses a canister.


Unknown said...

Dear Lito,

Thank you for sticking with me as I work this out betwen God, myself, and you. I am new to WOF but I truly come from the Law/Gospel distinction.

I used to be a very advid listener of the White Horse Inn. I loved to hear Horton and Rosenbldt teach on "positional righteousness". I did not believe in sanctification.
However I used to hear Horton admit that he does not understand Heb 6:9 and what it means to by faith and patience inherit the promises. He also said that now that Jesus has paid his banking debt he would like to draw upon his account in prayer. But he had no idea how to do that.

To Protestantism the love of God in John 3:16 is only the love for apeasement. Original Sin is a over drafted account for which we are under threat of prison. Jesus comes and works his way to the Cross and the Father puts Him in prison for us on the Cross and lets us go free. The Father apeases Himself through His Son for us.

The reason why Dr. Horton does not know how to draw upon his account in prayer is because while he is not in danger of jail, he does not have an account with God any more at all! The Theology of the Cross zeros out the balance sheet and the account is closed! Through Sola Fide the believer is off the hook but has no positive credit from God. Love is only apeasement to the Reformation.

The Father created the very good world in Gen 1 and 2. But in Genesis 3 was that postive love truly lost? Augustine Luther and Calvin say yes. But what if God's love was not lost? What God only gave us up to satan? What if the wrath of God is indirect? The lake of fire is for satan and his children not the elect. But satan had the power of death and hell. Adam was the god of this world because of the dominion. The command to be fruitful and multiply and dominate was more than a law for Adam to follow in his flesh. God invested blessing and authority in Adam. He made Adam the god of earth. When satan told Adam to eat the fruit of knowelge to be as like God he was decieving Adam because Adam was already god of earth. Satan was actually convincing Adam to be Man with a capitol "M".

Protestant critics say that Hagin is teaching us to follow satan to be gods. But the truth is that the Reformation is teaching us to be Men with a capitol "M". God created us to imitate Him by being gods. But satan wants to usurp Him through Men. Hence God turned us over to satans wrath as he did for Isreal every time they followed after other countries for provision. God would say "let them rescue you from your trouble if you go after them."

The cross and resurrection is salvation from satanic persecution. The negative debt was satanic deception and malfeasance against Adam. The Father never stopped loving the Church and Genesis 1 & 2 never ceased as far as the Father is concerned. The curse of the ground was from satan. Hence the believers in Scripture enjoy sings and wonders throughout. They had a positive credit from the atonement which included the spoiling of satan at the reurrection. Jesus died in the tomb not when He cried My God My God. The original positve dominion was restored to the believers. The lake of fire is only for satan and his children. The obedience of God the Father is positive love. The Bible is about the Father firstly and Jesus secondly.
John 3:16 is about the restoration of Adam's orignal dominion at creation by virtue of the reurrection.

But The Theology of the Cross is only salvation from the tree of knowlege without restoration to the tree of life. The tree of life is only after death to Luther. Satan is not defeated until the end of the world. Satan represents God to falsely humble the believer under the knowlege of sin in the Reformation. As if sin and death were from God not satan against God. But it is satan that had the power of sin and death not God. The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set us free from it.

In Christ Jesus,
Jim Cronfel

LPC said...


Today I received the Word of Faith T-shirt you sent. You sent it right?

I ask you stop doing this sort of thing as I do not appreciate it. I kept the packaging details for traceability.

Unfortunately I have no time to discuss the issue of WOF with you as I have an obligation to provide for my wife and family. I have more pressing needs to attend to.

Re:Horton. Whatever struggles he has is not of concern. As for me, a good guide is the life St. Paul. Hagin taught confessing the word - the problem is that yes one may confess the word and one may indeed confess the word wrongly taking it out of context.

St. Paul epitomized the suffering of a Christian and still believed in the goodness of God. That is faith.


Unknown said...

Dear Lito,

Isa 29:13 Wherefore the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people draw near [me] with their mouth, and with their lips do honour me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their FEAR TOWARD ME is taught by the precept of men:

You have rejected both God's love and mine for selfwill. There is a difference between God providing for you and providing for yourself. Hagin taught how to trust God to provide for you and family by faith. Your confession of fleshly self-provision is truly out of context. Mark 11:22 is in context. Walk by faith not sight. That is all I have to say. But self-provision is by sight. It is an odd thing to despise someone for expressing love. The Good News is more offensive than the bad news. You have despised good news.

In Christ Jesus,
Jim Cronfel

LPC said...


I will take it that you sent the T-shirt.

Hagin's concept of faith leads to condemnation. You are condemned for not having it. Also his confession of the word on a situation is out of context.

I do despise the good news as you and Hagin interpret it. I respect your opinion to differ, then respect mine.

I do not deny for example that God heals today, I have experienced it and I do presently experience it. I do not deny God's miraculous provision to my needs. I just experienced one lately.

What I do deny is that Hagin has no theology of suffering and that any suffering is considered by him as not under the care of God but under the care of the devil. He believed that there is something better than Jesus dying and paying for your sin.

Let us be honest, even Hagin could not prevent his won exit from this world, even he did not or failed to use his WOF regarding his human condition. My point is that there could not be any better news than for Jesus dying and paying for the sinner's sins. Hagin and you think there is something so much better than this. I don't.

Phil 3:6-9