Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Worst Gospel Song Ever

If you think this was created by a Pentecostal, you are wrong. Stupid gospel songs are not confined to Pentecostals. This came from Sonseed, an RC group.

I could not believe myself, I watched through the whole thing. I did not realize I got some stamina for punishment.

Happy Christmas anyone, you could all use a laugh.

PS. We are not giving gifts this Christmas, at least not in terms of material gifts. Except for the grand kids, we decided to give each other time and service instead.


acroamaticus said...

Can it be a Gospel song without any Gospel?
I could only manage the first verse tonight due to a slow internet connection, but it seems to be all about what Jesus taught him instead of what Jesus did for him. Maybe the lyrics get better as it goes along?
Nah, somehow I don't think so.

Steve Martin said...

I couldn't make it to the end.

Pretty bad. I'm sure it would be a big hit in a lot of churches around these parts.

A very Happy Christmas to you and the family, LPC, and to all that look in on and participate on your blog.

joel in ga said...

Haha. At least this pop-rock polka makes a lot of other third-rate Christian music sound good by comparison.

Merry Christmas to all! (Btw, here in the States, this phrase has now become an expression of countercultural defiance. "Happy holidays" is the safe, politically correct alternative. How goes it in your neck of the woods?)

Anonymous said...

NO arguments against it being the worst...none, zero, zip, nada!

God Whisperers use it on their podcast, delightfully mocking it as they allow us to all share the pain together...and pain is about the only word to describe it!

Merry Christmas, LP!

Dizma said...

It is like some kind of kindergarten. It is also possible to dance polka on this melody.

Merry Christmas. :-)))))

L P said...

Pr. M,

Nah, it gets worst.


I thought I have seen enough until I saw this at You Tube.

Joel in ga,

Yesterday I unashamedly said - Merry Christmas to folk I know to be non-Christians. So far the issue has not been put yet to a head.


Pain - it hurt my ears.


All of you, I pray may the Lord fill your hearts with the comfort of his coming, knowing that he will come again to take us to himself, to a place he prepared for us in his heaven.


L P said...


I could not believe how corny this lead singer did it.

Merry Christmas, peace to your soul as you remember his coming, for you.


Augustinian Successor said...

Dear Kuya,

A Blessed Christmas to you and your family!

L P said...


Happy Christmas little bro.

God bless you real good this season.


JJV said...

Finest piece of surrealism since 'Un Chien Andalou'.

Merry Christmas!

L P said...

You mean it is must better than the Blob?

Merry Christmas too.


Matthias said...

This is worse than some of the gospel hymns that use to be in the Elim chorus book. even some of those written by modern English gospel writer Graham Kendrick are not as bad as this. Can we please confine it to where there will be no more wailing or gnashing of teeth except to those who sing it.

L P said...

Can we please confine it to where there will be no more wailing or gnashing of teeth except to those who sing it.

OK, Done - LOL.

Happy Christmas.