Monday, December 14, 2009

Obamessiah at the mosque?

This President certainly looks like praying at the mosque.

Of course, another possibility is that he was in Japan and it is customary there to take off your shoes when entering a Japanese home. Was he entering a Japanese home or was he visiting the Emperor of Japan?

What do you think? It certainly looks like a mosque to me.

A Muslim prayin at a mosque certainly deserves no news.

The thing with The Obama is that he claims to be "Christian".

So how does one reconcile a Christian praying at a Muslim mosque? Unless of course, you redefine what "Christian" and "Muslim" means, then you will find no disconnect in your actions.


acroamaticus said...

The photo was taken at Istanbul's Blue Mosque when Obama visited Turkey earlier this year. He was taken on a tour of the mosque, much like George Bush occasionally was when he visited majority Muslim nations.
As far as I am aware he didn't pray there, he was taking off his shoes because it is the done thing when entering a mosque - he's just being polite.
I'm not a fan of Obama, but I don't subscribe to the "he is a secret Muslim" theory. If the man says he's a Christian (albeit a very liberal one, theologically), then I think we should take his word for it unless and until categorical evidence to the contrary is presented.

L P said...

Ah OK, thanks for the info.

I was in Malaysia, and I went to a big empty building where the Muslims pray. It has nice scenic spots and there is a courtyard that surrounds it. It said no photos to be taken, I respected that and I did not take any pictures.

I went around took pictures not of the surroundings.

He seems to be a very polite man.

Here is an example...

The lower you vow, the more respectful you are in Japan. You are giving more respect. I have been in Japan twice and this is quite true and you show manners.


L P said...

I meant bow not vow.


Gregory L. Jackson said...

Obama did reference his Muslim faith during the campaign. The TV reporter had to correct him, but the correction made no sense. "McCain has not criticized my Muslim faith." Changing that to Christian faith does not rescue the pratfall. More importantly, Obama's supposed father was Muslim; his stepfather was Muslim; Obama was registered as a Muslim student in Indonesia. That settles it.

L P said...

Hi Pr. Greg,

Honestly, there is something I cannot pin point about Obama, he sounds like a smooth talker to me. There is some truth when you referred to him as the Obama-Messiah, he seems like he always has a solution for every ill in the USA.

He is a polite man but you need more than politeness in the Presidency, you don't want someone who is just nice, you want someone who is competent.

I certainly would have not voted for him even if he claimed to be a Christian.

Obama exudes the politician I have seen in Manila, he talks and airs vague lofty ideas, but it is just that - plain talk. Well that is my impression any way. He is just too good to be true.


acroamaticus said...


My grandfather was Church of England, my father was Church of England, my baptism in the Church of England was entered in the parish register, and thereafter I was always registered at school as C of E, and yet I am not now an Anglican. People change their religious identification. If Obama ever was a Muslim, he has identified himself as Christian for a long time now, and I think we should give him the benefit of any doubt unless there is more credible evidence to the contrary than has so far been presented. being photographed visiting a mosque in his capacity as President of the US does not add up to Obama is a Muslim in my book.

L P said...

Pr. M,

Here is a montage of Obama

Understandably it is a montage of bits and pieces and we do not know the context. What do you think of this?

Even if he claims to be a Christian yet speak of glowing terms about the Muslim faith, I still find that at odds, unless of course his confessing Christianity is a political convenience.

I think in the US, that identification carries a lot of weight to the masses.

He becomes then a friend of all and no one's enemy.

Which brings me to the point of conservatives; he is a politician in every sense of the word.


acroamaticus said...

Hi Lito, I'll look at the video, but you know George W Bush spoke glowingly of Muslims many times too. This is a political necessity in Western nations with large Muslim minorities because leaders want to promote peaceful co-existence among citizens of all religions. After all, we are not living in theocracies, but democracies. As much as I have reservations about having a growing Muslim minority in Australia, it is a fact of life that I have to live with since our government does not discriminate on the basis of religion when it comes to immigration or refugee intake.

As far as Obama is concerned, I just think that unless there is hard evidence to the contrary before I refuse to believe what the man says about himself. Some might say that's naive, but it keeps my conscience right in reagrd to the 8th commandment. That's basically where I'm coming from here - put the best construction on what your neighbour says, even if you don't like his politics!

Daniel Gorman said...

As far as I know, President Obams has not urged the American people to pray to Allah as President Bush did after 9/11 and Katrina: A president's religion is his own private business. However, when President Bush violated his oath of office by establishing the Islamic religion at the behest of congress, he lead the entire nation into idolatry.

L P said...

President Bush violated his oath of office by establishing the Islamic religion at the behest of congress, he lead the entire nation into idolatry

Bush is pretty naive anyway in many respects, but this is news to me. Do you have some info on this or is this just rhetorical comment?


Daniel Gorman said...

Contrary to the anti-establishment amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Congress enacted the National Day of Prayer act which authorizes the President of the United States (POTUS) to urge the American people to pray to whichever god(s) POTUS selects. As the above referenced picture illustrates, POTUS selected Allah for the National Day of Prayer observance.

POTUS also urged the American people to pray to the Holy Trinity. However, Christians are forbidden by the first commandment of God from participating in any POTUS mandated syncretism: "We ought to obey God rather than men." Nonetheless, POTUS and the U.S. Congress have lead the entire nation into idolatry until such time as the Supreme Court, congress, or the current POTUS disannul the syncretism of the former POTUS and congress.