Saturday, November 07, 2009

So now what?

What do I do now?

Yesterday felt surreal. I was in a daze as I drove myself to the uni. The project that began almost 6 years ago has finally reached the finish line. The one big mistake I made, getting into a doctorate program in logic, finally culminated, is now off my hair. I submitted my dissertation/thesis. Now it is in the hands of examiners. We'll see what they say later.

I was one of the lucky ones in that my supervisor allowed me to take a problem and run with it. Other times, it is not that way. Normally, the supervisor has a line of research topics and you come on board with him. But my supervisor whom I lovingly called "Prof" watched and guided me like a father, standing behind me, urging me on, yet often looking ahead for me, telling me where to turn and what to expect when I do. He did not give me vague directions. That is the difference, my Prof was a master logician and mathematician. When he gives directions, they are always specific, unless he wanted me to learn things by myself. He gave me no philosophically hazy comments.

So meet my Prof.

There is something providential with my relationship with (Emeritus) Prof. Crossley that I now realize. When I was finishing my undergrad in Manila, my logic teacher took us to a seminar where I sat down and listened to this Oxford man give a lecture on some esoteric topic relating algebra to logic (if I recall). I could not recall what was said really, I did recall the tall lanky gentleman with a beard writing on the black board. Little did I know some 30 years later he would be my supervisor. I wondered about this turn of events and I am still mesmerized of how providence (I would say the Lord) cooked this up. I owe this man a lot for my education and the Lord for his mercy. I told the Lord I would not be studying again but I went back on my word, so this thesis was punishment for braking my vows. I have been disobedient yet, the Lord has mercy.

Well that thesis project was a part of my life for more than 5 years. I toiled, went through highs and lows, deprived myself of job offers, deprived of sleep, deprived of rest and recreation, left me with dreams of formulas, left the missus on her own watching TV, she sometimes went to bed on her own while I was tied to the desk typing till 2AM. One time I noticed sleeping on a problem and waking up with those symbols banging on my head. I would say, "honey, just one more theorem to prove, just one more proof and I am done", not true. No wonder some maths geeks go nuts and become mental. It can crack damage the brain. So this thing pre-occupied my life, I was at a loss when I submitted the dissertation yesterday. So I think I owe the missus also for my education since she felt the effect of this project, the sad effect, the part that hurt.

I feel like I was going through some withdrawal symptoms. I was disoriented wondering, so what do I do now? It was for sure a journey, so where do I go now?

Lord Jesus, thank you for letting me submit, you must have thought of me as being silly when I enrolled 6 years ago. I love you for your mercy towards me, I do not deserve it.


David Cochrane said...


Congratulations. Rejoice in a well done task. Wait upon the Lord he will direct your next steps.

God's peace. †

LPC said...

Thanks bro.

BTW I hope you read how I enjoyed your commentary on Dort's Article on Election. I did not realize that Synod of Dort came up with that article and how it points to yourself.

Thank you for that post, it helped me realize a few things.


J. K. Jones said...

Congratulations on your submission.

Praying for your acceptance and awarding...

LPC said...

Thank you so much bro.

I appreciate your prayers.

In fact I have been thinking about you all yesterday and how you people have been a blessing to me. I count it a blessing to be able to discuss things in a Christian manner.

My disappointment is if I want to celebrate something and honor you folk, it is hard to do.

I have been blessed by the fellowship you people provide.

God bless bro.


David Cochrane said...

Bro Lito,

Thank you for your kind words on the post examining Dordt. I always pray it makes sense when read.

Acroamaticus said...

Congratulations, Lito.
Hey, now you have to get a real job ;0)
Seriously, hope the feedback is good, 'cause then I get to call you Dr Lito!

LPC said...

Pr. M,

I really do not know now what to do with this stuff. It consumed my life and now that it is gone, I am at a loss as what to do.

It was like a ball and chain on my ankle.

This is one of the biggest mistakes of my life!

Thank you for your friendship and good will Pr.Mark, I treasure it like gold.

Your bro,