Monday, November 16, 2009

The Pacman did it again

He surprised us. He showed amazing athletic abilities.

My buddies and I were offended while watching the fight. We detected a slight cockiness and that annoyed us.

Cockiness is not something we accept in our culture. Flaunting your gifts and abilities is an offensive trait. True enough Manny does not have false humility either, but he does not have to be cocky. We do not tolerate such none sense and shame on him if he develops such a trait.

Fortunately The Age did not notice what we detected, maybe because they are accustomed to it and comparatively, his was mild. Here is the article.


Mark Henderson said...

So, Filipinas are like Aussies, and don't like 'tall poppies' or people 'with tickets on themselves'? I've always thought that trait was more culturally universal than we Anglos suspected.

L P said...

Pr. M.

Yes. To us it is culturally offensive and without manners to flaunt your talent and abilities.

We are praying that this dude does not let it get in his head, as Scripture says - pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before the fall.

Hmmm, I surprised myself, I could still recall that is a KJV version in the Proverbs ;-)

BTW, did you know that Filipino Evangelicals are trained in the KJV? I was on it for 7 years! The American missionaries were mostly KJVers.


Steve Martin said...

I don't care for cockiness in anyone, regardless of nationality.

Pacquiao is a great fighter. No doubt about it.

L P said...


Yeah we have to fair, in fairness he is now in the history books if not for the Guiness book of records.