Monday, October 12, 2009

A shout for Arnel and Journey

I heard some quip, we were born singing with a guitar in our hands. Well I am not a good singer but I do music, piano, guitar and now trumpet.

When I was growing up, the typical picture motif in our house was the picture of the Indio (The Spaniard's label for a native Filipino), lazin' away seating and leaning under a coconut tree, with his sombrero (palm hat) on his head strumming his guitar.

In the interview, you can detect some hispanic accent in the way he spoke English. I am puzzled myself, it is hard to pin down a Filipino - is he Asian or Hispanic? May be Latin Asian akin to Latin American?


Thanks Journey, for believing in Arnel.


Steve said...

Good for him!

It's always great to see an underdog make it!

He does sound very much like their former lead singer.

Anonymous said...

Interesting conundrum - Latin Asian? Asian Hispanic? Indians from Goa might have a similar identity question since they have a lot of Portuguese blood mixed in over the centuries. Maybe in the end we make too much of race, anyway? We are all "one blood", no?
I assume everything is going steady with Pheonix based on your last report? You're all still in my prayers, brother.
Btw, the video didn't work, something to do with a copyright claim.
Peace & Joy in the Lord, even at this difficult time!
Pr M

L P said...

Pr. M.

Ahh they must have pulled it down, I will find another one.

Yes we are all one blood! In fact Filipinos believe that all people are from the Brown Race.

Some are light brown, some are dark brown, but they say we are just right ;-) They said when God cooked us, we got cooked right ;-). That is their joke of course.

The astounding thing is that they made a study and they say that the Filipino is the most colonized people in Asia. They think "white".

I kid you not, but I have met Filipinos who do not like to be identified as such i.e. I met Filipinos who are anti-Filipinos!

I will give an update on Phoenix, he is holding on.

Thank you for your prayers, please include his mom.


L P said...

Pr. M,

It is up there now.

I grew up in the same place Arnel roamed around, in the thick heart of Manila but I am 10+ years older.

Look how thick this area is.

Kids there never believed they could ever live outside of it.

We kids would see an airplane in the sky and would only wonder what it would be like, dreaming with eyes wide open.

I am one of the few who got out and the wonder of it all is that I have seen a good part of the world.



Acroamaticus said...

We are all brown, I think that's true, just different amounts of "cocoa" (some of us with Scottish & Scandinavian blood have not enough cocoa!) . Genetically, Adam and Eve had to be some shade of brown for all the skin colours presently with us to develop and come through.
Pheonix's mum will be especially in my prayers.
Pr M

L P said...

Some have white chocolate too ;-)

Yes please pray for him and his mom.

He has been uneasy lately and since he has been given the vaccine shots, he has had major sleep aphnia(sic?).