Friday, October 30, 2009

As my Reformation treat - I'll do Bach

When rendered properly, Bach's music, can lead me to tears. I am not joking. I am serious, his music does sometimes make me weep.

Pr. McCain has one in his blog but I am putting this version on Bach because it has documentary discussion on the Reformation of Luther.


Steve Martin said...

Thanks for sharing, LPC!

Great stuff!

L P said...

Bach was not famous when he was alive, he became famous when he died!

It was Mendelsohn (Jewish convert to the Lutheran Christianity) who believed in him and brought him into the picture of modern life


Xan said...

Speaking of Mendelssohn, Wikipedia has a complete recording of his violin concerto. It's a phenomenal piece.

L P said...


I love it, thanks for sharing that Xan.

An enjoyable piece.


J. K. Jones said...

The Listener’s Bible is giving away a free mp3 download of Luther’s “Here I Stand” speech. Max McClean’s dramatic reading is great. (Offer ends Nov. 1.) See here:

L P said...

Thanks for this JK,

I like the family photo btw.

Happy Reformation Day.


Mark Henderson said...

Thanks for drawing our attention to this, Lito.
I wonder if it's available on DVD?

L P said...

Pr. Mark,

I don't know if there is a DVD, it was a BBD doc.

Have you blogged on the source of rationalism in Calvin?


Mark Henderson said...


The BBC still does some great stuff.

On Calvin and rationalism, I definitely want to blog something but it's a big subject so I'll let it cook for a while! I don't want topost anything half-baked.

I'm preoccupied at the moment with the significance of two recent events -the 10th aniiversary of JDDJ and the Pope's offer to disaffected Anglicans. It seems to me we have just witnessed the end of ecumenism, and I'll be blogging about that probably in a three part series.

Steve Newell said...

How many of those who write church music today places theology over feelings? If I read the lyrics on a "hymn" writer, what can I learn about their theology?

This series points out the importance of how great musicians of the Church have a strong theological foundation.

L P said...


You placed a finger on why I sometimes weep when I hear back, it is the theology of the words that come out of them. Then also Bach puts the appropriate melody into the theology.

For example, in the song -O Sacred head now wounded etc.