Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Target Market

Many moons ago, in my wanderings I attended an AOG pastor's meeting in my area.

It was lunch, and a young pastor sat beside me. At that time, my congregation was getting bigger and had a few outreaches. The pastor relayed to me how he was getting tired of evangelizing an elderly Greek lady in his church neighborhood. Hearing that we were growing, he asked me if we had any young people. I said "yes, we have some". It was like an "aha" moment for him, when he said "That is it, I better concentrate my efforts to work on them" and stood to get some sweets. I choked on my food as I looked at him finish our conversation. Didn't that elderly Greek lady need the Gospel?

Well, targetting the youth does make sense. The young are strong, they can do lots of manual work in church. You do not need to pick them up and bring them to church. They are abled bodies they can drive themselves to the meetings. They can do follow ups, and no need for much visitation, they are filled with energy. Our utilitarian needs are well served by them, not like these old ones who live off coins from their pension. So in many respects, the young people are the best market to attract. They are low maintenance.

I love it when I am being facetious.


Steve said...

Old folks do need the gospel too.

In fact they are tailor made for Lutheranism.

The theology of glory churches don't have a lot to offer old folks because with each ache and pain and passing day they see how much of a lie that theology is.

The grave looms ever larger and they know it.

To be killed off ahead of time and raised again and again is real sweetness to the ears that will hear it.

L P said...

That is what I thought too, the Gospel is for everyone, old or young because they are sinners in need of the Christ has won on their behalf.


Steve Newell said...

Are the youth low maintenance?

How many of the youth want church to be "hip" and technologically with the times? Or they want church be focused on the lasting fad coming along. This is not low maintenance but high maintenace.

Also, the pastor must spend more time on properly instructing the youth in the faith. A more senior member of the Church can be use their wisdom and maturity in the faith to teach others as well.

This pastor views the Gospel as a product that is to be sold not a event that is to be proclaimed.

One thing you could advise the young pastor is that while the youth may have energy, they tend to lack money. The pastor should target those seniors who have money so that they can give more to the church. ;)

L said...


Right, come to think of it, the youth eventually becomes high maintenance group no?