Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I have not been posting lately. Something happened to my family that I am still processing until now. I cannot foresee myself posting for a while. Consider, for the time being, that I am having "dead air".

My children are young parents themselves, so far they have given us grandsons, the oldest is 4 years old. Last month, my oldest daughter gave birth to a premature baby boy. A few weeks ago, they did a brain scan and the doctors met us for a discussion and a meeting. Doctors say he has severe brain damage and we are looking at cerebral palsy. Needless to say this has brought despair to my daughter.

I feel like I have been hit by a baseball bat, right in the head. I am still down on the floor, perhaps never wishing to get up.

Why is it that doctors are very sure of what bad things can go wrong, yet they are never sure of good things that can possibly go right? Nowadays, they seem to have the last say and usually the final say about what goes on.

I would appreciate your prayers for Phoenix and his mom. They both need God's help.

I am going to make what I belive to be a fair statement; whether God heals my grandson or not, my Bible says, there is only one person here who has the last say in anything, God, the Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, no one else.

Don't you hate it when people, knowingly or unknowingly, usurp the position of God? I do. My very being rebels against it.

Thank you for your prayers.



Acroamaticus said...

Very sorry to hear this news.
How prem was Phoenix?

Meantime, you are right - don't give up, whatever the doctors may say at this stage - and yes, their pretend omniscience does get under my skin. Thank God for humble doctors, though.
Remember, Psalm 77:1-15, "In the day of trouble seek the Lord".

You are all in my prayers.


L P said...

Pr. M,

Thank you for your prayers, he is 27 weeks premature.

We appreciate knowing people are also praying with us.


Drew Lomax said...


So sorry to hear this. Your family is definitely in our prayers!

God's blessings,


L said...


Thank you so much bro.

Because the doctors were not sure if he was going to get off the ventilator or that he could suck, I performed and emergency baptism on Phoenix about 10 days ago.

He is off the ventilator and has been sucking.


Augustinian Successor said...

Dear Kuya,

I'm so sad to hear this.

Will keep you in my prayers. Our Good Lord comfort you and your family at this time.


L P said...


Thank you so much bro.

We appreciate you thoughts and the time you spend praying with us.


William Weedon said...

Lord, have mercy. Yes, Lito, I promise to remember Phoenix and his family in my prayers.

Might I also suggest that an email to Pastor George Borghardt would be beneficial? His sweet little daughter Sophia was in a similar fix and she has astounded and defied the doctors. If you want to, feel free to email me and I'll give you his addy.

The good and gracious will of God be done - for you all! AMEN!

L P said...

Pr. Will,

Thank you so much for your compassion in praying with us.

Yes, I do like to get Pr. Borghardt's email. I am so thrilled to hear about his daughter Sophia. I will contact you through wittenberg trail.

A week ago, my daughter collapsed on the floor out of grief. We have helped her get on feet again and slowly she is making an effort. I guess as a mom, her view of bring home a bundle of joy has been shattered, but she is slowly finding her feet again.

She will be comforted to know you are praying with her.


Acroamaticus said...

27 weeks - our boys were 32 and 34weeks respectively, so I know just a little bit of what your daugther is going through - and yes, it's tough, especially for the mother. But they're both going to get a lot of support from the nursing staff and there's every reason to expect a positive outcome.

You know the original story of the phoenix, don't you - he rises from the ashes!

David Cochrane said...

Bro Lito,

You and your family are in my prayers as always. May the Crucified seem ever so close to you and yours during this time of suffering.

God's peace. †

Anonymous said...


Know that Phoenix and your family will be lifted before the throne of grace in prayer daily!

While working as a hospital chaplain at Ft Lewis, WA, I had the privilege of working in neonatal intensive care and was continually amazed at how often, by the grace of Christ, the littlest among us defied the 'expert opinions' of the most learned.

May our merciful God grant you patience and strength in this difficult time.


L P said...

Pr. M,

Before the baby was born and as soon as my daughter got the results of the gender of her baby, she liked that name for him. Little did we know that he may have to literally live up to his name. He has been trying to rise from the ashes since he came out.


L P said...


Thank you so much brothers for your prayers.

He has again a vision test this Tuesday. My daughter says he is in Stage 2 on this yesterday, but I do not know what that means.


Steve said...

I'm praying that the Lord heals your grandson and comforts your daughter and the rest of the family along the way.

Hang in there, my friend.

- Steve

L P said...


Thank you bro, will do, right now in holding pattern.


Acroamaticus said...

And may he do so through the strength God imparts to him!

Do keep me updated, Lito.

Raggedy Lamb said...

So sorry to hear of your grandson's struggle for life and your daughter's distress. You are all in my prayers. I hope she is able or will be able to give Kangaroo Care to Phoenix. Mothers and babies really NEED to be together as much as possible (if not all the time). May the Lord give her the rest she needs to care for her dear little boy.

L P said...

RL/Pr. M.

Thank you for your prayers. We value the prayers of the saints.

I will keep you posted.


joel in ga said...

Very sorry, dear brother. Will remember you and your family in prayer. May God strengthen you all and grant you His peace.

L P said...


Thank you too for your prayers bro.


Anonymous said...


Our families prayers will go out for you tonight.

As the father of 3 very young children and expecting a fourth, I cannot fathom much more trying than that.

Yours Truly In Christ Alone,


Dawn K said...

Your grandson and your family are in my prayers, LP. May our Lord Jesus Christ grant you and your family His peace and strengthen you all during this time.


L P said...

Dear Larry/ Dawn and all,

Thank you for praying for my grandson.

Yesterday we got the report that his eyes has stayed in acceptable level, Stage 2.

However, they will continue to test every Tuesday.

Thank you for your prayers and kindness in remembering us. I will keep you posted.


L P said...

Dear Friends,

As of yesterday, Phoenix' eyes are holding up - his right eye is still Stage 2 (still ok), his left eye is Stage 0, normal.

Thank you for praying,he will be checked each Tuesday for his eyes and for another 4 weeks.