Saturday, August 15, 2009

Stuhlmacher on Rom 4:25

Romans 4:25
25 who was delivered up because of our offenses, and was raised because of our justification

Faith in this God is true faith. It genuinely leads to justification. [25] Verse 25 declares why this is so by a formula of confession which was already structured before Paul's call into two clauses that are arranged in Semitic parallelism and oriented on the Hebrew text of Is 53:11f. As it is indicated in Isaiah 53, God delivered Jesus over to his opponents and thus to death on the cross "because of our transgressions (cf. Mk 9;31, 10:33f. par.; 1 Cor 11:23; Rom. 8:32)., and he raised him in recognition of his act of sacrifice "because of our justification". Christ's act of sacrifice on the cross, ordained by God and endorsed as valid by the resurrection, is and remains the legal ground for the justification of all those who, as the "ungodly", believe in the God who revealed himself in Christ. God's salvific righteousness comes to pass in the resurrected Christ from "now' (3:21) until the final judgement. [emphasis mine]


Steve Martin said...

Thanks be to God.

The resurrection was the answer in response to Christ's prayer, "forgive them..."

L P said...


In Christ there is forgiveness of sin, life, salvation. Sadly not all are in Christ. God is still in the business of putting people in Christ through Word/Sacraments.


Steve Martin said...

Well said, LP!

M. A. Henderson said...

Likewise Lenski:
"'Our' transgressions, 'our' being declared righteous, as in other similar expressions, speak of the believers alone, because in them the purpose of Christ's death and resurrection is fully realized...the two 'our' prevent us from making[the final clause of this verse] signify the justification of the whole world..."

L P said...

I think so too.

The last 'our' I interpret as 'with the view of our justification'.