Saturday, August 08, 2009

Hard not to associate A with B

Let's face it, when the news breaks out on terrorists being captured or people being charged of terrorist activities, we do not normally link their religious background to being Catholic or Protestant.

I mean, it will be hard to imagine a Baptist trying to blow up a saloon or a bar. Or a Pentecostal setting on fire a movie house then blowing himself up so he can take down as much people with him.

This post by Andrew Bold here speaks for itself.


Steve Martin said...

Great article!

Islam is incompatible with the values of the West and is, in many cases, a death cult.

It is anti-Christ, and anti-life.

It subjugates women and minorities and people of other faiths and seeks to dominate the world.

We need more articles like the one you have highlighted and we need to breakthrough this ridiculous notion of moral reletivism that has infected the West.

Our way of life is better than their's, and our God is true and loving, while their's is of the devil, and murderous.

M. A. Henderson said...

The only religious group that *does* seem to be fair game for the Australian media is "Fundamentalist Christians", which now seems to mean any group of Christians who actually think that their religion is objectively true, as opposed to being merely a modern mythopoeic worldview alongside others.

And of course we all know what a danger "Fundies" are in Australia! For all weknow, the group mentioned could have been a Baptist youth group with a stash of automatic weapons laid aside for an assault on Holdsworth Army Barracks? An entirely reasonable assumption...NOT!

L P said...


A friend of long ago comes from a Turkish background. He became a Christian, but he had to flee for his life, he went interstate for a couple of years to hide from his family specially his father, for fear of his life.

That is what he said happened when he converted.

This is a religion of peace, no? But he had to flee for his life?

I remember him saying that what got him all in nuts is that (and he is a well educated man), he only saw anger and hatred in his former religion. He saw this stark contrast with Christianity. This made him think and convert to Christ.

After a some years he and his father reconciled but his father continues to bombard him of apologetic materials from Didat.


L P said...

Pr. M.

The only danger with the Fundies is that they carry real large Bibles and they can swat you with it.

Other than that, they have no reputation of strapping themselves with explosives and blowing to bits those they disagree with.

The media likes to target the Fundies because they know the Fundies won't blow them up. They are scared when it comes to criticizing other religions, specially Islam.

I believe the types of Andew Bold is rare.


Xan said...

Reminds me of the spate of church arsons in (I think) Alabama a few years back.

As each one hit, authorities with great relief assured everyone that these were NOT "hate" crimes, no group had been targeted, since both primarily black and primarily white churches had been burned.

Of course, a group HAD been targeted. The odds of six randomly-selected buildings all being churches are pretty small...