Saturday, June 13, 2009

Monica tells...

Calvinists to repent.

I got this from Fighting for the Faith radio.

Don't laugh, pretty soon she may even be calling us too to repent of our ideas about pure doctrine and right theology.

But the way things are going, luckily she does not know we even exist, we are not even a blip in her radar.


Steve Newell said...

Boy, what would she do with Luther and Lutherans. What I find interesting is that she does not deal with any of the theological positions of Calvinist.

Of course, she should also target Mennonites.

Her arguments could be made by Rome.

L P said...


Sometimes in this business you have to laugh or you will cry.

Could this be an example of zeal without knowledge?

Monica is enjoining for peace in the body of Christ but clearly she has no idea for the basis of that peace.


Dizma said...

Mulier tacet in ecclesia! :)))))

Anonymous said...

Her hair color matches the cover of her bible. :)

L P said...


I would have understood it if it were in Slovenian :-)))


L P said...


She smiles when she criticizes people she disagrees with.

This is a common pattern which Joel Osteen perpetrated.


J. K. Jones said...


Especially since I just became a Presbyterian.

L P said...


Are you serious? You left Southern Bapt?

Presbyterian? That is getting closer to where we are.